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The One Tip that Made Trimming the 2 Furry Cats' Claws a Breeze

Once upon a time, when we were still cat novices, before we brought the 2 Furry Cats home, I looked up declawing. I got set straight pretty fast on that issue. 118 more words


Week of July 28

Are you keeping your pet healthy?

According to Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, pet health has declined in the past decade due to a decline in vet visits. 197 more words

News From Elsewhere

The Paw Project (Stop Declawing Cats)

Photo from PawProject.org

A friend of mine from England came to visit me over the weekend.  She is a huge cat lover, and has three cats herself.   185 more words


On Declawing

I am what some would call a Netflix masochist. On the 360 days of the year when I’m not binge-watching entire reasons of Orange is the New Black, I binge-watch sad documentaries – mostly about women’s rights and animals. 498 more words

Grumpy Old Man

                My father is politely described by people who know and like him as a “character”. People who do not like him tend to have a more colorful description of him.   811 more words


Declawing Cats

 It’s not often that I get on soapbox here, but I feel the need for it right now after watching The Paw Project.

I’ve been a cat lover my whole life. 507 more words


We Got Kittens! And Why You Should NEVER Declaw A Cat

Technically it’s been about 10 days since we got kittens but I just had the chance to share it with you, and I’d like to share also why declawing should be illegal.  444 more words