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Thousand-Year War

Nine hundred might be more accurate, but who’s counting?

Outside in points us toward PopeHat‘s GamerGate epic, but my eye was quickly caught by Clark’s immediately preceding… 477 more words


“Don’t you think that she’s the most wonderful woman in the world?”
“Wonderful? In what way?”
“The most beautiful and the most free. She almost seems like the creature of a different species. 80 more words


All Prog Hypocrisy in One Delicious Package!

UPDATED 10/06/14: Steve Sailer, The Inevitability of Infertility Eugenics. Indeed. 

One thing that both groups cared a lot about was appearance. They wanted good-looking donors.

1,144 more words

More Kipling NRx Wisdom (With Pictures!)

This year several reality-lovers, including Outside in, Free Northerner and me posted on Kipling’s “Gods of the Copybook Headings” (as far as I know, completely independently). 20 more words


1965 (Recycled)

(I once co-blogged with a very interesting South Carolina attorney who found the Mother of his Children banging the drunk next door and left her, lit out to Vegas and became a poker pro shacking up with various young hotties. 272 more words