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Where All The Bloggers At?!?

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed a serious drop in views. That’s okay…I don’t obsess…much. ;)

Participation and interaction have been down quite a bit, too. 35 more words

Slaves of desire

Freedom is a meaningless word. It is cursed with such ambiguity in the modern era that it has lost all significance. It is without form because it it takes many shapes. 579 more words


Back Door

More explorations of technique and vision.

I encourage those who are visiting my page to comment on the pictures. What works? What doesn’t? I’m taking upwards of 100 shots a day and want to learn more about what I see compared to what others see. 26 more words


Signs of the times?

I was recently scouring for property news when I came across this map which shows the changes in property values after a survey was made to re-assess them in 2011. 206 more words


My thought for the Day

So, I read the headline on Yahoo about the KKK in South Carolina going door to door in neighborhoods putting flyers out, attempting to drum up business for themselves. 585 more words


Destinations in Decline

Any sustainable holiday destination has to be nurtured not only through constant upkeep but also noticing trends and upgrading. These are a few examples of the problems that any travel destination has to face up to. 517 more words

The Valley of Dry Bones

Considerations by the Way

An ancient philosopher receives a call to action.

We shall not presume to anticipate the judgment of our fellow-citizens throughout the Union on these important letters, by interposing any comments of our own… 438 more words

Western Thought