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Decluttering your Home

Decluttering your home is never a fun thing to do, and when you tell the kids to declutter their rooms you know exactly why they groan and moan about it, because just like them you really don’t want to do it, do you? 527 more words


ten top tips for letting go and decluttering

Reading Camilla Long in The Sunday Times I came across this gem  “…I may never be as tidy as my mother, whose Christmas afternoon treat is a full assault on the downstairs loo.”  I wondered briefly if Ms Long’s mother and I share similar genetic make up.  1,038 more words


Dogmatic vs. Practical Minimalism

I’m a minimalist. I feel kind of pretentious just saying it. That’s not without cause. Today’s minimalist movement really picked up speed right around the 2008 financial crisis, which isn’t too surprising. 1,142 more words


The Joy of Letting Go

I read somewhere that everything in your home should be useful or something that your love.  Your surroundings should make you happy.  I had one item in my home that made me miserable.   136 more words


Getting Rid of Stuff (Update)

One of my goals for this year has been to get rid of one item a day this year.  So far I have been doing very well.   347 more words


Spring cleaning my pantry

The success of my first closet detox encouraged me to clean out different parts of the house. After the closet, the pantry is usually the second culprit for clutter and disorganization. 591 more words


from zebras to aardvarks

It would be hard to even have a tiny little presence on the blogosphere and not be aware of the plethora of themed blog posting programmes around.  346 more words