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Neighbors that visit unannounced

I had mentioned a few posts back that I live in a neighborhood where neighbors just like to drop by unannounced.  They don’t call or text first to check first to see if we are available.   492 more words


Walking Each Other Home

Basking in wholeness and celebration of self and Virgo’s everywhere through this nurturing new moon. Last night I had a beautiful intention ceremony through clearing away habitual and physical clutter and rearranging my room and altars. 331 more words


Decluttering - An Oath to Myself

In pursuit of decluttering for my emotional and physical well-being, I promise myself the following:

-I will no longer be a cardigan collector – I’m not Mr. 184 more words

Dr. Oz

Wild N Crazy

DH swept Sat. night. So, on Sun. morning, all I had to do was mop. So, I did.  The living room, AND the FOY-YAH.  What? you don’t know what a foy-yah is? 132 more words

Yarn Tote Organization Before and After

This tote was under my bed, and I used it for storing my yarn and a few other things. But I finally decided that this tote should only be for yarn. 189 more words


De-cluttering day 1

My house is a mess. I tend not to throw anything out… Not because I’m a hoarder (have no emotional attachment to this junk) I’m just lazy and it builds up. 43 more words


Clothing How Much Do I need?

I know I don’t wear all the clothes that I own. I tend to fall in the 20:80 ratio, I wear 20% of what I own 80% of the time. 432 more words

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