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The problem is: my clothes are OK

I have a problem: the majority of my clothes are OK. I recently tried out items that I hadn’t worn in over a year and asked my partner to rate them on a scale of 1 – 5, with 1 being awful and 5 being amazing. 189 more words


Time and Tide

Clump #192:  Save son’s note cards.

Today I have been acutely aware of the passage of time.  I found myself thinking how great it would be if the clock could stop when one sleeps. 189 more words

Easter, mini-update 1

Friday morning.  It’s just taken me an hour to sort through one shelf.  Not a particularly great start to my bedroom-decluttering day.  However, I did end up with another satisfying pile of paper to put in the recycling bin.


What can I organise over the Easter break?

A 4-day Easter break ‘from the norm’ beckons for many, so what will you do that will help you clear through your clutter and get organised? 497 more words


See Your Shelf as Yourself

This was how my bookshelf looked like for around a year–up until a few hours ago. Do all of these belong to me? To be honest, no. 902 more words


Spring cleaning

Today is the first day of spring break. I have a million things to grade! More importantly, we need to declutter the house. Most notably, the kids closets as they have outgrown many of their spring and summer clothes. 165 more words


Project 333 update: April

(Check out the basics of Project 333 here)

I counted my clothes and I think I’m right around 33 items! (It depends whether I count sweatpants and yoga capris – I wear them enough I feel like I should count them). 701 more words