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The joy of decluttering

    Since returning home from my holiday in London I have felt an overwhelming urge to clean and declutter. Only now as I write this am I realising that the intense heat and compactness of city life may have spurned on this feeling, but I am adamant that it can only be a good thing and I should run with it as long as it has some steam. 518 more words

Decluttering: An Important Step to Senior Safety


For many of us, clutter is one of life’s little annoyances that we can’t seem to shake, no matter how old we get. It may not be as frightening as death or taxes, but it is just as certain, and – unless you’re one of the very disciplined, very organized few – just as looming. 466 more words


Destashing for creative jump start

Hi everyone!  Today I feel the need to talk about the crafters best friend: destash. When I first started making jewelry, I saved everything, thinking it’d be more frugal, and also that sifting through the mound of beads and pendants would inspire me. 475 more words


Paper-Flow Mojo

If you get lost under an avalanche of school notes, bills and junk mail here are some simple strategies to manage the piles of paper. 113 more words


Day 48 of 180 – Trekking Up the Money Mountain

Action Tip:  Look at the clutter in your life. Do you see layers of undone dreams or layers of outgrown ideas of what your life once was or what you thought it would be? 62 more words

Living Below Means

Stuff and Nonsense

In the last six weeks, we’ve refinished the wood floors in the house, painted one room that was long overdue for it, and refurbished an aging set of plantation shutters. 309 more words

The Joy of Decluttering 1.1

Today I found this book in a plastic storage box  of  mostly computer junk.

Sitting on my floor I’m not certain how long.

“OVER 750,00 COPIES SOLD” 18 more words