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Use of Transcriptomes to Study Stress and Acclimation in Diving

Biological organisms maintain their functional integrity in varying environmental conditions through the activity of the innate immune system and controlled inflammation. During scuba diving, divers are exposed to greater than usual environmental changes, which challenges the entire body. 516 more words

Decompression Sickness

Bent in Paradise

If you’re a certified Scuba diver, you know this scene too well; floating around beside a beautiful underwater wall abundant with vibrant coral, getting up-close and personal with a timid pygmy seahorse, or holding on and feeling the force of a strong current blasting over your face as you watch sharks and schools of barracuda in a feeding frenzy in the open waters above you. 1,165 more words

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St. Jude Memphis Marathon Training - 8 Weeks to Go

It’s been a couple of weeks and a vacation since the last training update. The last two weeks’ training began normally. Then I vacationed to Central America (Copan Ruinas and Utila, Honduras – check out Jeff’s… 801 more words

Marathon Training

Decompression Sickness: Into the Unknown

October: Exploration

Aliases: DCS, the bends, caisson disease

Exploring wouldn’t be an adventure without risk, and the brave few who push exploration to its limits, diving into our planet’s depths or rocketing out of our atmosphere, are certainly taking their chances. 671 more words

Preventing the Bends

Diving can be one of life’s most special and enjoyable activity, personally it is my strategy in maintaining my equilibrium. I treasure my underwater moments and discoveries – there is always joy in diving. 730 more words


Diving and Marathon Training - Planning Ahead

I’m leaving to go on vacation late next week, which includes some planned scuba diving. I didn’t think anything of this when we planned the trip, but I’m not sure how the high level of training (high level for me) will work with diving. 313 more words

Marathon Training