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New Desk: Yet Another Project To Maybe Work On

We picked up this wooden teacher-style desk at GIRO the other day for just $15, and after some refinishing it will serve as my new sewing area. 20 more words


We Did a Crazy, Impulsive Thing

Carpet is nasty, let’s all just admit it and stop installing it in our houses. It’s full of allergens, it’s hard to clean, is often made with gross materials that can’t be recycled, and 99% of the time it’s really, really ugly. 228 more words


Eggs Three Ways

Back when I was a wee little VO, Easter was one of my favorite holidays.  I wasn’t a big fan of the candy but I always loved a good egg hunt.   410 more words

Decorating my first cake

I knew cake decorating would be tricky, but I never expected that icing the cake would be the hardest part!

Our prework for the second class was to bake and ice a cake. 454 more words


Lady In Red with a Peep Toe...Stop It!

Hi Everyone,

Remember my post about Parisian Inspired Artwork?  If not, you can read about it here and here.  Today I have another treat in store for you. 562 more words