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Flower Studies 6

I just love the delicate nature of flowers, their beauty shines,a nd reminds us to find beauty in every day! Enjoy Beauty today!

Flower Studies 3

Sometimes we feel fallen just like these petals of an orchid past it’s prime…But if you look closely you still see the beauty.

Flower Studies

Flowers and Fun little paintings

Painting flowers feels so good. They are just a wonderful way to bring beauty into your life. Especially in the dog day sod winter…so grab a brush, a photo or a petal and start painting your way into the New Year…Cheers!

Tree Painting Tutorial from Zachary Rau

Blog – Reform School — Zachary Rau.

If you want to make your own Christmas decorative pieces for next year, here is a guide to painting a coniferous Christmas tree

Blog – Reform School — Zachary Rau.

Art And Craft

Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Editing and Processing

Doodling with a pencil or paintbrush can assist in tapping into the right side or more artistic side of your brain as the logical left brain gets silenced. 108 more words


Patterns and Flowers

Life is Pattern, Flowers are the breath of fresh air that whispers beautiful thoughts into our eyes. May you see beauty every day. Big hugs…