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Operation Sabot, Marijuana Destruction Mission, Cost RCMP, Military Nearly $11.5 Million

What a waste of money and police manpower. What a shame. These coppers and politicians must remove head from butt. The people have spoken and want marijuana legalized. 138 more words


Weed + Sci Fi = Chromicon: The world's first cannabis friendly sci-fi, fantasy and comic book convention

By Chris Lites

Source: Omni Reboot

Anyone who’s seen Zardoz knows how well weed and sci-fi go together. Now, like something out of a Kevin Smith movie, Jaymen Johnson brings Denver Chromic Con. 847 more words

Out of the bedroom and into the streets: A snapshot of LGBTQ rights in Canada from 1969

When Pierre Trudeau made the famous statement that, “there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation”, he was talking about homosexuality. Trudeau was speaking to the press about his highly controversial and sweeping… 788 more words

Supreme Court

Breaking News: Medical pot cookie prohibition ruled unconstitutional

That cookie above has been the focus of all the legal hocus pocus that cost taxpayers millions of dollars. When is the state going to learn that it is not our parents? 250 more words