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Lesson 14: Jesus is Dedicated

I had one of our kids ask me last Wednesday what Jesus’ childhood was like. I told her that is what we would be talking about next week; and then I thought, what was Jesus’ childhood like? 581 more words

Wednesday Nights

Me and My (ex) Man(s)

Lagi asik-asik dengerin lagu di smartphone daku, tiba-tiba malah denger rekaman suara daku dan eks betengkar via telf yang sempat daku rekam dulu. Saking keselnya, itu ngerekam nya karna kepikiran mungkin aja ditelf itu ada sesuatu yang seperti lalu2 lain yang dia bilang, lain yang disampaikan ke orang2, sama seperti semua pesan-pesan darinya yang dari taun 2010 pun masih ada dihp ku 1,003 more words



A ginormous-bromance-hug to my lifting partner, Arnold (for the sake of anonymity).  I have known him for paltry 1.5 years, however the moment we whispered to each others’ ears “you got this bro” we understood that we were meant to be. 220 more words

Training Day


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Be professional

In the society, everyone has several different roles for specific circumstance. When I graduate from university, I will have one more role for my work. At that time I am not a child or a student any more. 266 more words


Obsessed (adj) – having extreme or relentless concern*

Dedicated (adj) – firm in one’s allegiance to someone or something*

*Webster Dictionary

I cannot fully immerse myself into acting unless I am obsessed. 366 more words

Training Day