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Good morning blogfam :)

I want to share a realization i had & that’s made me see people in a different light. I realized that serious bodybuilders are honestly some of the best people you can meet (i’m not saying the only ones…calm down lol). 478 more words


In memory of an author

With love and remembrance for Manya Kaczkowski–author, travel writer, cousin, friend:

Remember that? I do.

Remember how we first got acquainted at the July 4, 2010 gathering at your house? 742 more words


Let’s talk about dedication for a moment. Everyone has their own interpretation of the word dedication. We like to think we are dedicated to the things we hold close to our hearts. 293 more words

@World - Wide Bloggers!

(Wishes Of Success) – Goes out to every last one, of my (Blog Connections/Contacts) wherever you may be; or are on your way to.

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Who's winning? You or YOUR FAT?

Now I know what you’re thinking, this is kind of a rude and insensitive question to ask Falaq! I know I know, but let’s be honest here. 187 more words


Beginner's Body

I finally did it! I went back to practice yesterday. Back to who I think of as “my people.” It felt amazing. My new shala is lovely. 337 more words


Soen Nakagawa

The challenge from Carpe Diem to write a haiku in the same vein as the first one by Soen Nakagawa

Endless is my vow

under the azure sky… 17 more words