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The day after the tournament

I asked Drew on the way home yesterday if he wanted to continue going to practice whether or not he is going to play in the upcoming tournament this weekend (the Mixed Up Tournament). 189 more words


Sunday Night Thoughts

As I sit up in my bed contemplating what to blog about, I realized that sometimes you need to just let the thoughts flow free. I am a ghost to everyone here but myself. 329 more words



Hello readers!

Once again, I’ve experienced the crippling feeling of getting in bed and then realizing that I did not blog. Today, I’m going back to my original idea of topical posts, and today’s topic is… 298 more words


Recent Inspiration

I am a Crossfitter. I have been at a small gym called Crossfit Pride for about 2 years now, and it is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. 260 more words

Restart ... again

So my last attempt at kicking myself in the ass didn’t work out so well. As usual I started out strong and was quickly derailed. 484 more words

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