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Affordable Healthcare Benefit Compliance using Dynamics GP

Federal Law now requires that employers report the value of their employer-provided benefits, including health care plans. This requirement includes both the premium portion paid by the employer ( 337 more words

ACE Microtechnology

On the Importance of Induction for Knowledge

Ignaz Semmelweis worked as a doctor at the Vienna General Hospital between 1844 and 1848. He observed that a large proportion of the women in the First Maternity Division who were delivered of their babies contracted a serious and often fatal illness known as puerperal or childbed fever. 1,027 more words


Taxing Issues

More than 11-million people entered March Madness NCAA brackets on ESPN’s website. I’m not sure if that many people go to church on Sundays anymore. I guess they are at home watching some game or something. 215 more words


WARNING: 10 Expenses You Should NOT Deduct on Your Taxes!

10 Expenses You hould NOT Deduct on Your Taxes!

Don’t deduct home insurance

Don’t deduct a telephone landline

Don’t deduct commuting costs

Don’t deduct your pet… 101 more words

The Problems Are Complex... But The Solution May Be Relatively Simple Part 2

Good morning and welcome back.

So the previous post was a primer, an introduction to the concept of what a “progress trap” is. Today we’re going to continue that conversation but segue into several terms that you may or may not be familiar with: Technocratic rationalism or technocracy. 729 more words

Lyrics, Inference and a Whole Heap of Murder

A few weeks back I talked about my plans to use the traditional murder ballad Banks of the Ohio in order to try to develop inference and deduction skills.  773 more words


Can I deduct safety deposit boxes on my 2013 personal taxes?

Yep! It’s still good. But starting in 2014 it’s a no-no. Here’s the details.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you enter it on Schedule 4. 7 more words

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