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More than 11-million people entered March Madness NCAA brackets on ESPN’s website. I’m not sure if that many people go to church on Sundays anymore. I guess they are at home watching some game or something. 215 more words


WARNING: 10 Expenses You Should NOT Deduct on Your Taxes!

10 Expenses You hould NOT Deduct on Your Taxes!

Don’t deduct home insurance

Don’t deduct a telephone landline

Don’t deduct commuting costs

Don’t deduct your pet… 101 more words

The problems are complex... But the solution may be relatively simple Part 2

Good morning and welcome back.

So the previous post was a primer, an introduction to the concept of what a “progress trap” is. Today we’re going to continue that conversation but segue into several terms that you may or may not be familiar with: Technocratic rationalism or technocracy. 729 more words

Lyrics, Inference and a Whole Heap of Murder

A few weeks back I talked about my plans to use the traditional murder ballad Banks of the Ohio in order to try to develop inference and deduction skills.  773 more words


Can I deduct safety deposit boxes on my 2013 personal taxes?

Yep! It’s still good. But starting in 2014 it’s a no-no. Here’s the details.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you enter it on Schedule 4. 7 more words

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Two Tax Breaks For Paying For Long Term Care Of Spouse At Home

It’s not uncommon to pay someone $15,000 per year to take care of your dependent spouse or parent. Federal taxes rules allow you to take either a tax credit or an itemized deduction for a portion of those expenses. 503 more words

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Tax 101

Taxes…Is it REALLY that complicated?

Tax day is coming up (April 15th) and I’m dedicating this post to explain the basic knowledge of tax. I’m sure most of you have already filed your taxes by now. 1,201 more words

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