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Give me that old time detection

A few nights ago I watched a thriller on TV where a couple were being tracked via cell locations where their mobile phones had been used. 317 more words

Writing And Things Written

County Faces More Payroll Problems

WILKES-BARRE — There are more payroll problems in Luzerne County.

According to county leaders, workers who get life insurance and short and long term disability will not get paid their direct deposits Friday. 97 more words


Can you infer personality traits?

This is something I’ve been having some doubt about, ever since a friend of mine said he considered such a thing to be quite shallow. Can you actually say things like: he’s a narcissist, she’s egotistical, they’re smart and so on? 396 more words

Deductibility of Sec. 71 Alimony Payments (Under Sec. 215)

Milbourn v. IRS, T.C. Memo. 2015-13 (Jan 21, 2015).

Yesterday’s Tax Court provided decent analysis on what constitutes a “written separation agreement” to qualify for alimony deductions under Sections 71 and 215 of the IRC. 433 more words


Dynamic Inference

Dynamic inference (usually causal) is the flow of thought where we use premises (statements with a probability of truth) to draw inferences and conclusions. Conclusions are utilized as premises in continued inferential processes and determine, but do not restrict, practice. 564 more words


Continuing with Alimony Deduction Example from the Tax Court

The case of Becker v. IRS (Jan. 13, 2015), perfectly demonstrates the possible consequences of improperly taking a deduction.  Here, much like the example used in… 171 more words