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To Ideologically Reject Ideology

While debating political topics on Facebook I have a ‘friend’ that accused me of being ‘ideological about rejecting ideology’ and I decided to write on this topic and argue that this posited proposition is invalid. 569 more words


John Watson is the most important character in SHERLOCK

Okay, so I know I said I was going to write about Portal 2, but I was re-watching some episodes from SHERLOCK today, and discovered something weird, and I had to write about it. 707 more words


Eight Reasons to See Your Tax Professional in the Summer

Most people never give their tax professional much thought outside the first quarter of the year when filing season is open. Sadly, many of these folks miss an opportunity to course-correct mid-year to mitigate any unpleasant outcomes. 817 more words


Dissecting Tax Deduction Concerns with Medical Accounting Experts

“Conversely, there are expenses that may be work-related but cannot be claimed, such as daily accommodation and meals, work-to-home travels, and debt repayment through HECS-HELP or other loan schemes. 120 more words


Who’s subject to the 50% limit on meal and entertainment deductions?

In general, when meal and entertainment expenses are incurred in the context of an employer-employee or customer–independent contractor relationship, one party will be subject to a 50% limitation on the deduction. 202 more words


Business meals and entertainment

The requirements for deducting business meals and entertainment expenses. This type of expense requires you to jump through several extra hoops to qualify as deductible and is subject to limitations. 576 more words

General Taxation

A Way to Weigh: The Balance of Probability

“Balance of Probability” – at first I thought this is about science or math or statistics. Oh my, I was surprised to know that this is a term used in Law. 710 more words