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The Story Behind the 'Graph: Dee Brown

It seems like I may have more first round draft picks in my autographed baseball card collection than anyone else. The thing about first round picks is most don’t become superstars. 87 more words


Dee Brown - Brown Sugar Honey-Coated Love

Which guitarist would like to be described as the best kept secret? Certainly not guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer and vocalist dee Brown. After his debut album… 147 more words

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dee Brown - Brown Sugar, Honey-Coated Love

On his Innervision debut, dee Brown, whose tasty melodies, grooves, and vibe perfectly reflect its unforgettable title: Brown Sugar, Honey-Coated Love, collaborates with some of Detroit’s best loca talent, including Desi Mc Cullers Jr., The son of one of the original Motown “Funk Brothers” Valdez Brantly, longtime keyboardist and MD for Usher, his brother, bassist Kern Brandley, Music Director for Lady Gaga, Chip Dixson, a notable gospel player, “soul trumpeter” and instrumental recording artist Lin Rountree, and DJ Shannon Weiss. 7 more words

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Reebok Pumps: A Retrospective :P

Winter of ’93

My first new pair of shoes were the Reebok double pumps. The most ridiculous, yet kind of cool shoes at that time. (Ridiculous is in retrospect – as in, slap bracelets, pogs, and front and back pumps that made your shoes feel like a giant balloon were not novelties, they were necessities). 690 more words