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Shoe Shine & Repairs

Jay Dee Cleaners helps you look good right down to your shoes.We will make any…

Supernova 5 : Gelombang Mimpi Thomas Alfa Edison

Judul Buku : Supernova 5 – Gelombang
Penulis : Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari
Penerbit : Bentang Pustaka, 2014

Sejak muncul pertama kali di tahun 2001, serial SUPERNOVA tulisan DEWI LESTARI memang berhasil memberikan kejutan di dunia penulisan fiksi Indonesia. 674 more words

How groups on OPC Server works?

I am using Matricon OPC Simulation. I created two groups e.g. 'g1' and 'g2' and assigned one variable e.g. 'Bucket Brigade.Int1' to both groups. … 71 more words


Keping 44: Gelombang

BEBERAPA hari yang lalu, salah seorang teman memposting foto Gelombang di Path. Saya yang memang sudah menunggu kelahiran–kemunculan–buku ini sejak lama, langsung meluncur ke Gramedia untuk memastikan bahwa Gelombang benar-benar telah lahir dan siap saya pelihara ( 257 more words


Sunset Live 365 

The World’s Only All Live Radio Format, Where Every Song Played Is The Live Version!!



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I have isolated the problem with my body, seems the ADHD medication is making me lazy, tired and what not, which is why I struggle to wake up in the mornings, and sleep for like 12 hours straight. 591 more words



once another week comes to an end, sort of. i finally got my button from the koreans and installed it, then upped my price and ate my last stockpile of food. 285 more words