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I am fucked. Literally. I just give up. I want to cry. I want to die. I just want the last three years to be a dream, a nasty dream. 1,002 more words



I thought happiness started with an ‘H,’ until I realized it started with ‘U’

Killed last night’s post. The psychologist has been tucking with my head today. 228 more words


Engkaulah keheningan yang hadir sebelum segala suara
Engkaulah lengang tempatku berpulang

Bunyimu adalah senyapmu
Tarianmu adalah gemingmu

Pada bisumu, bermuara segala jawaban
Dalam hadirmu, keabadian sayup mengecup… 39 more words


Ai dunno

Wasted beyond belief, like properly. Get to B’s room and the fucking assholes climbed through his window, grabbed his lappy, kicked his door down and ran… 284 more words


Waking Up

Dropped the heart meds last week, and the heart is racing again in full swing. Which, of course, is not a good thing, but it saves money and teaches me some discipline so I’ll have to deal with it. 422 more words


Do, a deer,

a female deer, is now resting comfortably in my freezer.  It’s deer season once again in Missouri and that means hunters by the thousands are out in the woods and fields.   257 more words