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By Fathima Z

It’ll be a year in January 2015. A year since I joined my new office and decided to start wearing the Hijab. You might wonder why it’s taken me so long to make this commitment. 474 more words

Ordinarily Extraordinary – Aida Azlin

  1. Assalamualaikum! Tell me more about 114.co. Why did you start it?

Ma Sha Allah, The 114 happened quite a while back! Plenty of fond memories, and valuable lessons learnt. 1,861 more words

Ordinarily Extraordinary

When Showing off is Kufr Akbar which expels one from the Deen.

Most people think that showing off (Riya) is always Shirk Asghar (lesser shirk) which does not cause one to exit the Deen.

But Sheikh Ali al Khudhayr proves in his Sharh of Usul al Thalaatha that if one were to do an action – which’s leaving is kufr – for the sake of showing off, then he becomes Kafir by this and this is Riya Akbar. 117 more words

Tawheed & Kufr

A reflection

The dome of a local masjid visible at Maghrib time. We live in a non-Muslim country yet are able to practise the deen, albeit faced often with hostility, freely with more and more joining everyday. 63 more words