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How Long I'll Love You


It must be great to be at the beach right now, by myself, with the cold wind breeze accompanied me. Sit around thinking what is my purpose living in this world. 282 more words


"Be Firm and Do not change (your stance) because of the large number ..."

Sheikh Muhammad bin Saalih al-Uthaimeen رحمه الله

“Be FIRM, and DO NOT change (your stance) because of the large number of attacks on you nor due to (their) being offended by your words. 216 more words


Slammed shut.

“You’re a walking fitnah.”

Another label thrust upon me. Excellent. Just dandy.

I’ve learnt, even the smallest opening leads to the gradual inching of the door. 119 more words



First day of school holiday.

Teringat mula mula pegang primary 6 2014. Nama dia paling disebut. “Dia ni pandai pengaruh kawan2 dia. Kalau dia sorang2 pun susah nak control.” Nama dia saja mampu peningkan dan sakitkan hati ramai orang. 430 more words

Kembara Diri