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Movie Moments

Over the course of my life, especially in recent years, I have watched a lot of movies. Not in the sense that I’ve seen most of the films that have ever been produced, I mean that I’ve been watching more movies than I ever did before. 501 more words

5 things that make me stupidly happy in movies

Day 17. 33 pages, 15,559 words.

I continue this week’s warm fuzzy feel-good-a-thon with a new post about what makes me grin like a big loon pretty much every time. 469 more words

Hatboy's Nuggets Of Crispy-Fried Wisdom

Deep Blue Sea


Merciless tide
ripping the sand so effortlessly 

Like you inconsiderate words
Oh, how they tear me apart
bit by bit

The undertow
Pulling innocent people out to sea… 53 more words

The Big Bad... Shark?

Sharks have been patrolling our sea undisturbed for what seems like centuries. However recents events in Australia have made scientist and animal emphasises question is there something bigger out there? 215 more words

where ocean meets sky

The Daily Post : A room with a view 

Ah, how can I describe it in words for you.

There’s a point, just passed half way there, when the road becomes a colonial bush painting and the mood of your day becomes holiday. 307 more words