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Freshman Year: seconds on the clock

It’s almost over! That’s right, my Freshman year of college is nearly finished. I am in my last week of classes right now and wow do I feel good. 261 more words



어제 과외하면서 눈물이 그렁그렁.
부천에 공부 못하고 열정 없는 애들만 모아놓은 듯한
고등학교에서 열심히해보려는 고3 애랑 같이 공부하고 있다.

중간고사 기간이라 내신 잘 따야한다고 스트레스 받으며

Deep Breath


버스 밖으로 미용실이 보였다.
미용사 언니가 고슴도치 머리를 한 아저씨의 머리를 다듬고 있다.

문득 이런 생각이 들었다.
저 아저씨가 살인범이면 어떡하지?
저 언니는 자기가 머리를 잘라주고 있는 사람이 살인범이라는걸 알까?

Deep Breath


my gift from you~

I shall treasure it always~


stay with the breath

I close my eyes
Deep breath in
Feeling the air fill my lungs
The tightness in my chest as it reaches capacity
I slowly exhale and release it all… 124 more words


Deep Breath

How often do you just sit, take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet?
It’s not often enough for me.
When a friend or family member suggests you take a deep breath, do you really? 422 more words


The Deep Breath

This is a quickie.

I’ve noticed that some questions make some people take very deep breaths before they answer. The American Stress Institute says a deep breath is a signal that someone is trying to relieve stress about a situation. 173 more words