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my gift from you~

I shall treasure it always~


stay with the breath

I close my eyes
Deep breath in
Feeling the air fill my lungs
The tightness in my chest as it reaches capacity
I slowly exhale and release it all… 124 more words


Deep Breath

How often do you just sit, take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet?
It’s not often enough for me.
When a friend or family member suggests you take a deep breath, do you really? 422 more words


The Deep Breath

This is a quickie.

I’ve noticed that some questions make some people take very deep breaths before they answer. The American Stress Institute says a deep breath is a signal that someone is trying to relieve stress about a situation. 173 more words


Raisin Bread

This used to be a loaf of organic raisin bread made locally grown flour from the farm about an hour from us where we also get our raw milk. 120 more words

Freak Out Friday

Want to know a good reason to freak out? You survived. You got out of bed five times in a row at an hour that always feels too early, no matter when it really is and you did stuff. 65 more words


한주 한주
연명하는 느낌이다.

Deep Breath