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My timing is terrible, and I love it.

Well, I would be lying if I was to say that it was what I expected. Long hours, failed attempts, approaching deadlines…

This wasn’t what I had in mind. 616 more words

Walk By Faith

Control Your Breath For Better Overall Health

Check out this great story about breathing from FOX News,

When someone tells you to relax they’ll often say “breathe,” and it works. Scientists say that controlling your breathing has many long-term health benefits.

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Deep Breath, Part II

The post title refers to two things.  One - the original post from last semester.  It also is a reference to the opening episode of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in Doctor Who.   794 more words

Dispatches From The School Front

Handling Breastfeeding Criticism and the Internet

By Katie Madden

Chances are have had your fair share of opinion sharing from multiple well-meaning loved ones. Perhaps it sounded something like this:

“Oh, you are… 1,350 more words


Rest Much?

In my early days of religious life, we didn’t talk much. Occasionally at meals, each evening for the hour after dinner, as necessary in our college classes…but silence was the order of the day, so that we could be “recollected” – always mindful of God. 339 more words

Back To The Future, Part II

The second movie in trilogies is hit or miss.  Star Wars has one of the best.  Back to the Future is disappointing.  Lord of the Rings is acceptable.   453 more words

Back To School


You know how you can have referred pain in your body? You don’t? Okay, let me enlighten you. According to every student’s main source of knowledge, Wikipedia, “referred pain” a.k.a “reflective pain” is “pain perceived at a location other than the site of the painful stimulus”.. 1,217 more words