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Stormy weather takes the temperature down. 39/66

21mm of rain fell between yesterdays sojourn to the beach and todays. For this time of the year that is probably a little unusual. 446 more words

Control Your Panic Attacks With These Simple Tips

TIP! One crucial element in controlling the escalation of an anxiety attack is breathing deliberately and slowly when you start hyperventilating. Getting your breathing under control can reduce the severity of the attack and reduce its duration. 1,109 more words

Mac vrs the laptop... Help 36/66

What a joy to get to the beach this morning and discover blue skies… Makes you realise Summer is actually here. Todays plan is to be short and sweet :) 262 more words


Remember how unique you are – how your difference makes a world of difference.

Remember that you are worthy, you were born worthy. Your worth has never been about what others say or do – or don’t say, or do. 145 more words

Spiritual & Personal Development

Improve your Concentration and Anxiety in 8 Weeks

Life is a struggle. Modern tech pushes our minds to the brim with so much to keep us running – cell phones, friends, shopping, bills, work, personal projects, o-m-g it goes on and on. 473 more words

Real Talk

Reduce Your Stress, Reduce Your Child's Stress

Kids stress when we stress. They act out, withdraw, have sleep issues, even their appetite and overall affect may change. Compound the daily grind with this season’s stressors, and the whole family’s got a manic Christmas and a hectic New Year. 668 more words


Mindfulness, Well-Being, and Religion

Read an article in today’s paper about a class being offered at a Portland, OR school. It’s a year-long for-credit class that teaches “mindfulness,” and is designed to ease youth anxiety, depression, and prevent violence. 270 more words