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Deep Breaths (National Poetry Month - Day 9)

It had taken me seven years

To build up the courage to speak to her.

I finally was able to talk myself into it


Hold Your Breath and Count to Three...


Today is thankful Thursday. And although I have had SOOOO many things to be thankful for just today alone (and many more in the past week) I find myself a little stressed out, very irritated and feeling guilty for being so ready for my kids to go to bed. 500 more words


How Panicking in Any Situation ALWAYS Makes it Worse

A friend recently heard some good but confusing news. Her old company where she left due to an insane amount of work and no growth offered her a job to a senior position. 382 more words

People Lie. Breathe….

Deception. Manipulation.  Passive-Aggressiveness. Embellishment. Exaggeration. Fudging. Distraction.

Lying.  Fear.

Deep breaths.  Ugh. I hate all of the above phenomena.  Serious hate.  I feel as if Lying (and Fear – two sides of the same coin) may be the #1 character traits that make interpersonal relationships so complicated. 1,192 more words

Just... Breathe

“Sometimes three deep breaths can change everything.” -The Mother, How I Met Your Mother (“The End of the Aisle”)

Truer words could not have been spoken.

343 more words
How Did I Get Here

Feeling KOOL - Stress at Work

We all get worked up at work but controlling the stress is possible.

Doctors say to stay in the moment rather than anticipating future assignments and make sure to take breaks.  34 more words



I am taking a lot of deep breaths today.  I’m sad and I’m teary.  Nothing has happened, per say, I just feel the heaviness of my situation today.   82 more words