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Deep sea mining license granted to Brazil

The United Nations’ International Seabed Authority (ISA) has issued seven new exploration licences for deep sea mining. This represents a new frontier in the quest for precious raw materials such as gold, copper, cobalt and manganese, amply needed for modern and emerging economies. 355 more words


Panegyric: Chapter 4

Wherein we learn of facts both veridical and fantastical.

The city conceals many hiding-places hidden by angles, submerged in shadows, perched above sightless clouds, and lurking behind walled-up windows. 1,506 more words

Untitled, jellyfish

This watercolour was made in 2012. It was exhibited at my solo exhibition Hidden, Unseen, Unknown in October 2013. I have created this jellyfish using delicate watercolour brush marks, representing the ephemeral aspects of this animal. 39 more words

Nicole Macdonald


Lost is inspired by the world below in the deep sea. It explores the theme of unconventional beauty and the irrational fears of the abyss that are ever present in the human psyche. 70 more words

Nicole Macdonald

Jellyhead Creature Design

Designs for a creature I want to use in a painting. I took the idea from a deep sea creature which can move its eyes from a forward position to looking straight up. 22 more words

Sketch Book

Extreme Habitats: Into the Deep Sea at the Bruce Museum

Extreme Habitats: Into the Deep Sea at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich explores the vast and extraordinary deep sea. This show focuses on the highly adapted survival strategies utilized by creatures of the deep and the technology that enables researchers to record ground-breaking observations of what is often called the last frontier on this planet. 434 more words

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