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Amazingly, it was just bought to my attention that blue whales can slow their heart rate to four or five beats per minute in order  to conserve oxygen during deep dives.

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So I know I haven’t posted in a while but I was away on vacation and that kinda messed up my schedule but now that I’m back I’d like to get back at it! 528 more words


Dirty Bubbles

This week’s topic: Abiotic Factors in the Ocean

Paper: Skarke et al. 2014. Widespread methane leakage from the sea floor on the northern US Atlantic margin. 664 more words


I Am Not Loving This Rare Deep Sea Find

It’s called a frilled shark and it was caught in Australia, and it is really scary looking.This species dates back 80 million years and it has 26 rows of teeth, and it looks like an eel, think about that for a moment.Take a look at this thing, if you dare.



News Round-Up

It’s another lazy Monday morning, and what better way is there to wake up your brain and look like you’re working than by reading sciencey words on a screen. 247 more words


Upward Spiral

A new study published  in Nature by Harvard University researchers corrects a few measurements when it comes to changes in the sea level over the past century. 307 more words