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If you died today...

What would you have done differently?

If you knew that today was your last… would you have smiled at the stranger you passed instead of ignoring them? 411 more words

Deep Thought


creating… finally.

the creation of a new thing – new poem, new story, new perspective, new person – begins with a seed, a germ, a spark. 43 more words

We live our lives 8.5 x 11

My typographic design teacher said something the other day that I really took to heart in a way she didn’t intend me to. She wasn’t even talking to me, actually. 540 more words

Art Student

Evanescent Existence and Midnight Solitude

You’re alone and you’re still up on the wee-hours – a perfectly conducive circumstance for your pre-sleep ritual. You lay down on your bed and you’re just there with eyes fixed on the ceiling or head covered with the cold side of the pillow. 1,002 more words



Today was supposed to be a normal day, a day full of catching up on work. Today was a day full to the max with patients not seen in a week or longer due to vacations. 210 more words

Deep Thought

How computers change us

Here’s a really good article from the Washington Post’s Michael Rosenwald. The article looks at research that is suggestive that we skim more than we read deeply. 126 more words


The future speaking, speaking to the past

The smile doesn’t fool me, I have seen it many times before. Listen, don’t hide behind your laughter, your pseudo-smile, and joy. I see beyond the act, I feel your hurt, despair, and emptiness. 266 more words