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When life feels like "The Last Stretch"

The last stretch:  The feeling you get when you are close to the end of something. When you are on the last few feet of a run, few miles of a road trip, few hours of an all-nighter, the week before your vacation, months before graduating… 409 more words

Deep Thought

Let Us Revive Deep Thinking

I just read an insightful article called 7 Social Media Trends by Patricia Redsicker which states that blogging is expected to be the “biggest area for increase” for social media marketers. 472 more words

Digital Communication

The Spoon Theory, I love it!

I love the spoon theory! It is a must read if you have an autoimmune disease. I didn’t write it, but I’m going to post a link here so that others may read it, and find some comfort in it. 28 more words


Medication-- A Necessary Evil?

Lately I’ve been feeling really blah. More than usual. After I got whacked with bronchitis, sinusitis, and it spreading to my eyes, I feel like I never really got over it. 691 more words


Things I Hate About Summer

I love that it is summer. First before I become all hateful with it, I will say that I do like certain aspects of summer. The freedom to not be tied down to a certain schedule or routine. 200 more words


One Day At A Time

It has been really difficult for me to accept that my best friend is gone. I think about her every day. I just can’t imagine a day without her here. 863 more words


Two Steps Forward and One Back

I hate making decisions. With every fiber of my being I hate it. I am so indecisive it is not even funny. Even over the littlest things. 364 more words