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Taking Blogs Seriously

I admit that I do not write a lot of serious material on this blog or Scrawlings of a Mad Man, even when I am writing about games or food, which plenty of people take in a more serious manner than I do.  917 more words


It is Conviction that lifts!

What does it take to shine so bright?
(Through clouds of darkness)…
How might we let light win?
When it is darkness that appears
Again and gain… 44 more words


Free-Flowing Flowers

Oh, how I long to be free to just flow with the undulations of the day– the rising and setting of the sun, the passing of the clouds. 332 more words


Reap What You Sow, Reap What You Speak

Reap what you sow, reap what you speak…

I’m Jon Dao, and that’s pretty neat.

Did you know I’m an accomplished rapper? I’ve rapped… 462 more words

Deep Thought

The two kinds of People.

Started out deep but couldn’t make out the rest. I guess there are two types of people: People who have fine manuscript, and people that don’t. 20 more words

Deep Thought

If you died today...

What would you have done differently?

If you knew that today was your last… would you have smiled at the stranger you passed instead of ignoring them? 411 more words

Deep Thought


creating… finally.

the creation of a new thing – new poem, new story, new perspective, new person – begins with a seed, a germ, a spark. 43 more words