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Question 1 - Ryan Costa - 9.26.14

In Chapter 5 of his Journal and Remarks, Darwin makes an argument that the large fossil mammals he found at Punta Alta could easily have lived in such an austere, dry place. 401 more words

Discussion 006

Science Caturday: Time Kitteh is Deep

Imagining Deep Time, an art exhibition at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC, tackles the profound theme of “deep time,” the timescale not of human life but of trees, rivers, mountain ranges, even stars.   57 more words

Science Caturday

Question 2 for 9/19 written by Ryan Costa

Merian’s paintings are very unusual for their time, depicting insects, features of the natural world usually ignored, in all their life stages, on the plants they actually eat. 420 more words

Discussion 006

The Expanding Universe

Here is the video NOVA we started today. We will finish it in class tomorrow and then create reflection questions regarding it and the lab for discussion.

Deep Time