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The Expanding Universe

Here is the video NOVA we started today. We will finish it in class tomorrow and then create reflection questions regarding it and the lab for discussion.

Deep Time

The Philosophy Underlying Secular GeoHistory's Timescale

Dear hijas,
It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I still hope you’re reading when you have time. I want to pick up in Chapter 4 of Dr. 659 more words


The Cosmic Calendar

Here is another great analogy to help understand the scale of time in the universe. Unlike our physical scale analog, Neil DeGrasse Tyson uses a 12 month calendar. 21 more words

Deep Time

People v. Megafauna (Book Review)

One of the more interesting intersections in earth science is at the end of the Pleistocene some 10,000 years ago in North America.  Trying to untangle the climate and human changes at this time is challenging in no small part because you are dealing with experts in archeology, paleontology, and paleoclimate (there is even a small role for solid earth geophysics if you look carefully) as well as cultural clashes over ethnic heritage and, occasionally, legal battles.   1,008 more words

When Observations Collide...A Grand Canyon Story

Two stories are out there about the Grand Canyon: one says the canyon is young (cut in the past 5 million years), one says it is old… 982 more words


A Weighty Problem

One of the key assumptions in applying metamorphic petrology to tectonics (among other fields) is the assumption that the pressure of a metamorphic reaction is the same as the weight of the rock above that reaction.   506 more words