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Are Rocks Clocks? Support for millions and billions of years? Installment V

Dear hijas,

To get to the heart of where the idea of millions and billions came from and how secular elites “found” time, we must continue in our discussions of what transpired during the Enlightenment. 578 more words


The revelation of good mineral exhibits

George was an emeritus professor of English when I met him at the local folk music society meeting. He had just finished a rant of his own about judging a city poetry contest. 778 more words


Geological Time Part 1- Concepts of Geological Time

In some of my posts I have made mention of certain geological time periods, such as Precambrian, so I thought I’d write a few posts about geological time.   1,768 more words


Time Claps: the first 5 million years

The enigma of time

In a new novel by Kirkpatrick Hill, Bo at Ballard Creek, a gold miner who loves rocks, shiny or not, tries to tell Bo how old they are. 1,573 more words

Class Life

The Rise of C4 Plants

By Kevin McFadden

Imagine a happy place where you’re laying out in the Caribbean sunshine on a beach with a mojito in hand. You jump into the crystal clear blue bathwater of the sea, then you lay down in your chair under an umbrella and doze off thinking about delicate and beautiful New England winters… you wake up and look over at a little saltbush that hasn’t been consuming delicious beverages, cooling off in the sea or taken cover under an umbrella to take a nap. 842 more words

Extinction through time; were humans a factor in the past, too?

By Gloria Lima

It’s known that humans have played a large role in the extinction of many organisms. But does this mean we are the only cause? 827 more words

Ancient elemental alchemy

deep time
fire music.

of wind
and wood
lambent tongues
of ancient