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“A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s mind about to religion.”
- Francis Bacon

Which reminds us that:

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A little explanation....

I named my blog based upon the 4 things I cherish most about life. Deep. Life is Deep, deep enough to heal, and deep enough to hurt, but either is up to the person. 629 more words


From the Pit of the Soul Is Perfection

There is so much to praise about this song. From the technical aspects like pitch, melody, harmony, vibrato, musicality just absolutely perfect. Then there’s the song itself which is heavy and real and aching for ears to listen. 131 more words

Humble Beginnings

Well this wasn’t the first picture I clicked. It wasn’t even taken from a DSLR. It wasn’t even meant to be artsy. I was in grade 9, surveying farmers in rural India as part of a science project. 74 more words


Sleeping Awake

Times seems to slip by me,
Leaving broken pieces ahead of my dream.
Forever contemplating new beginnings and quick schemes.
Never a slickster, but impatience has dealt me in. 58 more words

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