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"Opening day of course is the best:" 9-day gun deer hunt starts off with a bang

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Today marks the start of the 9-day gun deer hunting season — and you can certainly tell. Shortly after sundown, the DNR station was swarming with brightly colored or camouflaged folks carting fresh cargo. 307 more words


A Passed Down .308

The morning of November 18th didn’t go as planned.

With not enough sleep, my boyfriend Chris and I headed to the woods in search of a Maine whitetail. 1,212 more words

Got My First Deer

On Nov. 11 I got my first deer. A pretty good sized 4 point.

Nov. 22 I got my new car. A deer hunting tip- it’s cheaper to bow hunt than to use your car. 28 more words

Buying NON Distressed Homes

Time Again

As predicted, this morning was warm enough that snow was sticky and melting. There was plenty of moisture in the air, but it wasn’t exactly foggy. 501 more words


Phone a Friend

I watch little TV; maybe less than 5 hours during 2014.  However, I do remember the show that allowed the contestant to call a friend when he was stumped over a particular question.  474 more words


N.E. Ohio Whitetail Rut Winding Down

Rut activity appears to be slowing down a lot. In most years,in NE Ohio,the peak of the rut falls the second week of November. More deer are bred on or within a day or two of November 15th than at any other time during the rut. 532 more words


The Backpack

The farther we go afield in search of our prey. The more we need to be pack in preparation. I try to choose a pack… 386 more words