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What if you run out?

What if we run out?

What if we run out of love? What if we run out of passion? What if we run out of money? 538 more words


What can I do tomorrow that I can’t get done today?

I have no food to swallow and the bills are still not paid

Yesterday was better, I thought I knew it all… 285 more words


Article Endorsement: ISIS Will Lose!

A defeat at Kobani, the loss of confidence within ISIS’s militants it will trigger, will force ISIS to focus on who they feel are the weakest to regain the military initiative; thus Baghdad become a prime target. 104 more words


I am down and out. Let the soil be placed on top of me, let me out of this world. Let me know what it is to be in peace, a place I can’t remember being. 206 more words

Trafalgar Days.

Today is 21st October a day to remember, On this date in 1805 the Royal Navy defeated the combined fleets of France and Spain ending any hopes of Napoleon’s invasion plans for Britain. 194 more words


It's a new day

The first post on my facebook feed this morning was “It’s a new day!  Why not make it a great one?!”  Indeed.  I need to make it a great week.  403 more words

Frustrated and Defeated by a Early Start

I don’t know if I can say this has been one of the worst Weekends. But I can definitely say it’s been a challenging one! My hope is that as future posts are written, everything will come into focus. 1,105 more words