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Happiness needed

I seem to be sinking further and further down into misery – but have decided after reading someone’s blog that I’m going to have a new project and that’s going to be entitled happiness – Anyone got any advice???


Sometimes you have to remind yourself to keep going...

We all get stuck sometimes. We all fail or make mistakes throughout our journeys of finding ourselves. Many times we slip up and back track when we should be pressing forward. 427 more words

What if you run out?

What if we run out?

What if we run out of love? What if we run out of passion? What if we run out of money? 538 more words

Article Endorsement: ISIS Will Lose!

A defeat at Kobani, the loss of confidence within ISIS’s militants it will trigger, will force ISIS to focus on who they feel are the weakest to regain the military initiative; thus Baghdad become a prime target. 104 more words


I am down and out. Let the soil be placed on top of me, let me out of this world. Let me know what it is to be in peace, a place I can’t remember being. 206 more words