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Step 1: Feeling defeated...

I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of defeat at the moment.  I strive so hard to do what is right but for some reason it seems like I keep ending up back here, step 1, starting over again.   1,793 more words


So I have put off filing my taxes until April 15.  I put off filing my taxes later and later every year.  Last year I even filed an extension about an hour before midnight on the 15th, crossing my fingers and hoping against hope that it would be accepted.  282 more words

3 Things To Do When Projects,Days, & Shifts All Go Wrong

Hello Friends,

Today I have a topic for us to discuss that hits home for me. Therefore, if none of what I am about to share rings true for you, I am going to ask you to teach a class so I can take it. 517 more words


A man can be destroyed but not defeated.

Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man and the Sea


My Story: Part Two

As the months passed I had made several unsuccessful attempts to stay home before I finally stayed a full night. I kept my son close to me and only slept for an hour the whole night. 660 more words


Not sure how I'm feeling.

No, that’s a lie. I know exactly how I’m feeling. Frustrated, agitated, unsettled. I know I’m a great writer. I can feel it in my bones. 305 more words

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