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Do not feel me. Whatever happens, just don’t.

You know what you are like when you pull me out of your own Pandora box. Don’t search for the keys you hide away. 479 more words

Burst Of Thought

An Empty Mind

Tis quite a curious feeling
When mind is devoid of emotion
You cannot rub it smooth
Not even with Johnson’s lotion

Creaky, rusted gears
Grind slowly to a halt… 72 more words



Tonight I felt defeated by my four year old.

She’s an angel–she really is. From the time she was a tiny baby, she was a laid back, happy girl. 765 more words


World famous golfer Arnold Palmer has a plaque in his office that says, ‘If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don’t. 129 more words


And why

Do I end up crying today and feeling miserable, and can not find the power and motivation, to fight against the things. and show that I can deal with life – because maybe I can not… 73 more words

Stories Of The Soul

Round 3 over

Well it’s been a tumultuous couple of days. I got a call from Doc’s office again yesterday. I kind of knew what was coming as soon as I saw her number flash up on my mobile. 433 more words

[keep in step]

Do you ever feel just exhausted from trying? As if weeks go by and you find yourself continually tired and defeated, feeling like you are unable to even function properly. 455 more words