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Dissolution of Marriage

  •  None of the following conditions may automatically abrogate a marriage contract:
    1. Skin deformity due to leprosy or leper
    2. Craziness and severe psychosis
    3. Impotence or loss of libido…
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God Shines Through Our Imperfections

The quest for perfection is filled with folly. We can only do our best, and even with our earnest efforts we are guaranteed to fall short! 127 more words

Spiritual Journey

Changes to construction defect liability law in Colorado State aimed to boost local housing markets

The City of Lakewood in Colorado State has recently passed a local government ordinance amending Colorado’s laws around construction defects.

The amendments give builders a ‘right of repair’ for construction defects before facing litigation for the work, and also require consent from a majority of homeowners in developments before issuing proceedings. 83 more words

Toyota Recalls 1.7 Million Vehicles Worldwide Over Range of Defects

Toyota Motor Corporation announced a recall of 1.75 million vehicles worldwide on Oct. 15 to check for a range of defects, including faulty brakes and leaky fuel pipes. 133 more words