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One of the greatest defects, one of the principal sources of aberration and confusion in our time

But just as there are definite stages in the evolution of the individual human being, just as the nature of his powers and faculties differs in childhood, middle life and old age, so too are the powers and faculties possessed by humanity in general constantly changing in the course of evolution. 128 more words


How much longer, computer?

My Macbook Pro and I lived in harmony for around six years. Then one day, after it became unresponsive and persistently displayed a blank white face after flashing assorted other colours without booting up, a Genius at my local Apple store said, it’s the logicboard. 1,718 more words

Why Change?

Ex Deo Nascimur

When the Gods created man, they gave him defects so that he could test his strength on them. We should thank the Gods for our defects, for combating them makes us strong and free. 69 more words


A note on higher powers or the lack thereof

In 12 step programs there is a lot of focus on a power greater than ones self. Many people in our society tend towards religious ideas of a God for their higher power while plenty of others do not follow any diety but instead focus on their own personal ideas of spirituality, humanity, etc. 168 more words

Concepts Of God

My Celestial Basement

I started to realize that if I was ever going to overcome my character defects and general tendencies to be a jerk, there was going to have to be some divine intervention. 120 more words

My Conversion Story

Another Monday: Uphill And Into The Wind

This morning I had an objective – or more like a challenge of a personal sort. I rode my bike nine miles just to see if I could do it. 1,465 more words

Ribadu defends his defect to PDP

A former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, on Sunday justified his defection from the opposion All Progressives Congress to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, saying the APC was not better than the PDP. 452 more words