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Paramedics cannot force treatment: court

A Canberra court has found paramedics have no authority to force people to receive medical treatment.

And those who resist an ambulance officer’s attempts to impose unwanted care cannot be convicted of a criminal offence. 419 more words

And now comes the big weapon.

The day of blinkered military Britnattery continues with Agent Leaky.

Phillip Hammond, was gracing the remaining Clyde shipyards with his presence in his role as Secretary of State for Defence and reluctant defender of the union, his possible role as the man who let currency cats out of bags left behind in Whitehall. 711 more words


Yes, you can sail the seven seas, except for viewers in Scotland.

Another day ending in a Y and it’s time to use the microwave to reheat some scare stories, with today being defence scares.

See they military types, all coordinated and everything, it’s almost like it was planned, it was, wow, I’m impressed, not. 1,325 more words


Drone Lord

The drones market will explode in the next decade due to changing regulations, heavy investment and various technological developments. This development leads to various high value opportunities, but here we will focus on those related to the interception of goods. 279 more words


United in Defence? Possibly not...

Can an independent Scotland expect to be defended by the UK armed forces? There is a risk, which may not be small, that it may need to create its own forces, and no longer benefit from contracts to supply naval vessels to the UK’s Royal Navy. 15 more words


Guilty until you have paid the innocence toll.

Currently bouncing around Parliament is the Legal Aid and Sentencing Bill (LASB), the Coalitions answer to fixing the justice system within England and Wales. I’s sure one day I will get to write a cheerful blog about how wonderful something is but today is as per usual not that day. 509 more words

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