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Help! Is it Ever Right to Fight a War?

Every time I turn on the News, I see people fighting in all kinds of different wars, all over the world. I just wondered what the angels would think about war? 836 more words

Angel Advice

Protect Your Property (Hadith No. 2157)


Hadith no. 2156 (below) is a repeat. Read it here.

Volume 3, Book 43, Number 659:
Narrated Al-Qasim:
Aisha (radiallaahu `anhaa) said that she hung a curtain decorated with… 1,265 more words


The importance of the armament industry: a reaction to Jean Claude Juncker's declaration

In an interview to be published in the next issue of Politique Internationale, Jean Claude Juncker, the newly elected president of the European Commission, admits that he “does not really like the  armament industry”, regretting at the same time that “it is necessary to rely on military research to make the other sectors progress”. 1,030 more words



Freedom… some people wake up and take freedom for granted whiles others wake up and defend it…..

Source: SEAL of Honor.