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English centre-backs

This is just a quick post based around a scatter graph of all CBs in the Premier League last season, separated by colour. It’s a bit difficult to tell what country is what, because there are a lot of nations, a lot of data points grouped close together and I couldn’t be too bothered to make each nation easily recognisable – if there are any nations that are especially difficult to tell apart then tell me and I’ll alter it (it’s also a little fuzzy which won’t help). 228 more words


Titan: Defender subclass

In the wake of the Beta I’ll be updating locations and such on the Traveler’s Guide, but that’s not as fun to read or talk about, sooooo after watching some good videos about sub-classes from dattodoesdestiny (titan link below) I’ve decided to take the analysis a step further and talk about some potential uses and play-styles for them. 456 more words


Off to the sandblaster

Yesterday we brought the 2 axles, the inner wings and the bulkhead to the sandblaster. At the end of the week we can probably pick it up. 112 more words

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