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Malmstrom AFB: Good News & Big Win?

It’s really hard to take all the “good news” and the “big win” recently in regard to Malmstrom AFB which is near Great Falls, Montana. 348 more words

Jon Tester

How to throw a knockout punch

In the event that you may have to defend yourself, assuming you’re in the right, and not the wrong. Assuming you are not just going around picking a fight with random strangers, you are not bullying and just being a dick; you may need to know how to effectively throw a knock out punch. 734 more words


Patriot Revenge

Robert Zeglinski. April 23rd, 2014

In the NFL, when you have stability and leadership, you often only need to retool your roster ever so often to stay contenders. 1,518 more words

Secondary Revamped

The New York Giants have made significant improvements to their secondary through their free agent acquisitions.
Throughout the past five seasons the Giants’ secondary has left fans and staff disappointed with poor performances. 415 more words

NSA: a bureaucracy in search of a function

Edward Luttwak, a historian and long-time consultant to the Pentagon on military strategy, wrote an article in the Times Literacy Supplement of London recently arguing that the National Security Agency’s all-encompassing surveillance is simply the result of a bureaucracy looking for a way to justify its existence. 721 more words

National Security Agency

The Nene Factor Shines Against the Bulls

Despite winning four more regular season games than the Washington Wizards no one should be surprised if the Bulls are knocked out in round one. 108 more words


In Defense of Sweatpants: An Expository Essay

Sweatpants are to pants as potatoes are to vegetables. They are lumpy and ugly. They are associated with weight gain. And in a family of things I would advise you utilize regularly, they are the bad seed. 894 more words