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Defense vs. Prosecution experts -- Is it an even playing field?

By Alan Perry, PhD

        Recently I was called upon by a defense attorney to evaluate a defendant for the issue of criminal responsibility. The defendant, after shooting and killing his stepson, suddenly and for no apparent reason boarded a bus and proceeded to shoot three other people killing two and seriously wounding the third. 978 more words

Defense, Defense, Defense

Today’s Cardinals’ loss to the Nationals didn’t have to happen.  It happened because for the umpteenth time in this early part of the season, the Cardinals’ defense didn’t do its job.  648 more words


A Strong Defense at the Boston Marathon

One of our members wrote an article about the Boston Marathon, and it seems appropriate to share it with you all.  It’s called “A strong defense at the Boston Marathon… 196 more words

Dissertation Boot Camp, Part II

Last week I attended my second Eagle Dissertation Boot Camp. This was a three-day #ShutUpAndWrite session created for UNT graduate students to help us focus our time on our thesis/dissertation projects. 481 more words


Products Hospitology Sleep Defense System Bed Bug Proof Box

It is very easy for people to get confused sometimes when they are shopping for king-size beds. These types of beds come in two sizes and have four names. 318 more words


Blow your enemy away: how halitosis can save a caterpillar’s life

When faced with danger, animals respond to stress in different ways. We humans advertise our internal state by producing pheromones to signal alert, our hands and armpits get sweaty and our heart rate skyrockets. 420 more words

Random Ethology


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and often the reverse just isn’t pretty. Disgusting, maybe. Obscene even— too foul an impossibility to contemplate.


some deluded fools… 153 more words