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Sexual Deviancy 101

I’m really starting to love this title that has been thrust upon me – sexual deviant. it fits pretty well and, like most of my favorite things, it feels really good on my tongue. 924 more words

La vida es muy corta para las excusas. Define tus metas y ve tras

La vida es muy corta para las excusas. Define tus metas y ve tras ellas.


I Am A Feminist

Being a feminist today is not just simply about throwing off the proverbial chains of sexism. Modern feminism means supporting women, men and transgender, no matter the colour of their skin or who they choose to love, and tearing down the walls of injustice and inequality. 310 more words


What's in a name

In 1902 Theodor Herzl outlined his vision of a Utopian country established in the Land of Israel when he wrote the book Altneuland (The Old New Land… 232 more words



SUCCESS: 1) obsolete : outcome, result 2) a : degree or measure of succeeding b : favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence  176 more words

What is Anxiety?

As someone who has struggled with an anxiety disorder my whole life, trying to explain what it is to other people can be incredibly frustrating and seemingly pointless at times. 254 more words