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Eternity: /ɪˈtəːnɪti,iː-/

1.The time between 
One Sunday and The Next

As felt by me,
Because of you,

Especially on Thursdays.

“She left church reluctantly on Sunday knowing it would be an eternity until she saw him next.”


Sorry everyone. I know it’s been a while but I was giving myself a much needed vacation.

Emotion is a noun. It is defined as: a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. 250 more words


School Grades Shouldn't Define You

Well here we are again April 23 | In prayer at the moment | Thought why not write cause I feel this is the best time I think of my past & yet I Still Talk to God | Any ways this past year a lot has happen to me both… 305 more words


Very Funny Blog - TL;DR Wikipedia

It’s just like wikipedia, except every entry is very short and funny.

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Sexual Deviancy 101

I’m really starting to love this title that has been thrust upon me – sexual deviant. it fits pretty well and, like most of my favorite things, it feels really good on my tongue. 924 more words