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Defining Yourself

I recently had a conversation with someone about describing oneself. She asked me how I would describe or define myself to another person with whom I had never interacted before. 546 more words


Wrapping Up 2014 With Leather

First off, it’s hard to believe that 2014 is just a few hours from being a thing of the past.  It was a truly remarkable year full of lots of unexpected surprises, delights, and some sad news.  458 more words

Defining Yourself

How am I defining my life?

I have a number of openly atheist friends on Facebook. Many of my friends post articles that bash on Christianity, or try to disassemble structure withing my Christian viewpoint. 577 more words


Burgers, Lights, And Tim Allen: A Christmas Eve Tradition

Tradition has always been very important to me.  I stubbornly abide by traditions each and every year.  To me, they are something to be relied on and something to look forward to.  584 more words

Defining Yourself

Do we ever really 'find ourselves'?

Last month was the fifth year anniversary since graduating high school. 

Some days I think, WHAT! WHERE DID THAT TIME GO? I WAS THERE YESTERDAY. 607 more words


Christmas Confessions

This is my time of year.  I love Christmas!  It’s the season of giving and everyone seems a little jollier.  You’ve got the great Christmas classics on TV and the radio.  967 more words

Defining Yourself

You are More than Your Mental Illness or Your Struggle - You Have So Much Good Inside of you! Let's Talk About Who You Are as a Person!

You are you.

You are not your mental illness.

You are not your struggle.

You are not what you accomplish.

I learned how damaging this can be the hard way. 362 more words