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Christmas Confessions

This is my time of year.  I love Christmas!  It’s the season of giving and everyone seems a little jollier.  You’ve got the great Christmas classics on TV and the radio.  967 more words

Defining Yourself

You are More than Your Mental Illness or Your Struggle - You Have So Much Good Inside of you! Let's Talk About Who You Are as a Person!

You are you.

You are not your mental illness.

You are not your struggle.

You are not what you accomplish.

I learned how damaging this can be the hard way. 362 more words


A moment this Morning........

People might not get me and think I’m a cunt because I tell it how it is…..

People don’t like the truth because it upsets them, but if you show them enough times that there arguments are bullshit, maybe just one day, they will take a step back and realise it….. 6 more words


Defining Self (n.)

So I looked up the definition of self. Well actually, I Googled it. Let me tell you I was slightly disturbed that when I started typing, “definition…” the Google search bar started to auto fill, … 592 more words

Re-Defining Yourself After Work

I like to arrive late. Especially to my husband’s work parties. Everyone is already there, the lights are dimmed, the music is playing. People are gathered in small groups, chatting, laughing, well on their way to having a good buzz. 345 more words

Over 50

Things That I Believe To Be True

What do you believe in?  What beliefs make you you?

A personal philosophy is something that everyone should have.  I’m not talking about religion.  No, personal philosophies are much more complex than that.  619 more words


How do You Define Yourself?

I really love this girl. She has a lot to teach people about what it means to be truly beautiful. Kind of makes me laugh, she’s only got one eye and yet she can see the world more clearly them many of us who have two.

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