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Too Tired To Write

I just spent the entire day at a theme park with two kids under the age of eight, each vying for my undivided attention.  Oh, and did I mention I stayed up way too late last night after running a 5K in the morning, taking a dog to the beach, and meeting Jason Segel?   34 more words

Defining Yourself

Defining yourself // "Now is Good" review

Teenage life is a blurry, weird (hence the random picture of a baguette with peanut butter and the book: Not that kind of girl on the background), questionable chain of events that (like every other phase of our lives) help to define us. 522 more words


What Defines You?

This post was inspired by the header image on this blog.

I looked at the business outfit, the shopping bags, and the glass of wine and thought of how different my version would be. 195 more words

Me & My Other Personalities

just be yourself.

During my childhood and teenage years, I wasn’t “me”. I didn’t know who I was, as an individual. I just was what everyone told me I should be, or was. 200 more words

Thoughts For Recovery

How do you define yourself?

Did you know that Paul, the apostle, didn’t earn money from his preaching? Instead, he supported himself by working as a tent maker. This occupation of being a tent maker certainly wasn’t the thing that compelled him in life; rather, what he was compelled to do was to preach the Good News. 642 more words

General Thoughts