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10/24/14: Epistemology

you need only

reverse your binoculars

to send me away


Tears of the Saints Video | John Piper

This is an emergency.

The world desperately needs Jesus, and the global Church needs to respond with urgency. John Piper shares some thoughts about missions, and Leland’s “Tears of the Saints” provides context for these amazing, occasionally heart-breaking images of the world. 9 more words


Alexithymia (n.)

inability to describe one’s feelings.

In the past year alone, I fell flat on my face. I couldn’t explain to people how I was feeling, because I often felt completely numb inside. 16 more words


Where does truth fit?

In the last post, I talked about the idea that truth was a measure of correspondence (matching) between a claim and the reality it was discussing.   1,105 more words


What is Civic Media?

I obviously have a Civic Media blog (I mean, its right in the title). But a few people have asked me what exactly civic media… 572 more words


Bespoke Demi Bra Corset - Your choice of fabric - Custom - Made to order

I am a costume designer. One of my specialties is making bustiers and corsets.

The difference between a corset and a bustier is:

A bustier is a support garment… 169 more words