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Linear Algebra - Vectors and Points

These are the notes I made on vectors.


Vector – represented array of numbers of any desired length. Usually has direction and magnitude

Tuple… 123 more words


Set isomorphisms

There doesn’t seem to be any standard adjective to describe the property of a pair of sets having the same cardinality. Some authors use ‘equivalent’, but this adjective could be used for any equivalence relation; it might be useful to reserve it for the equivalence relation which is currently most prominent in the context. 446 more words



pilsner–noun: a tall beer glass featuring a narrow foot.

I grew mesmerized watching bubbles emerge at the bottom of my pilsner then drifting to the top.


Ratolorum is the Shakespearean Word of the Day (12/19/14)

Ratolorum (n.)

Ratolorum means malapropism for rotulorum. Ratolorum is cited in William Shakespeare’s play The Merry Wives of Windsor (MV I.i.8). Slender said to shadow about shallows position as a justice: “and Rotulorum too.”.” 30 more words


Walking Shadow

Walking shadow,

Shadow to walk in, shadow to bathe in

I follow the bullet that killed Malcolm

I swallow the barrel of the gun

That murdered Martin’s son. 23 more words