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Light Crumbs and Muffin Bones

A woman told a joke and I collapsed in hysterics before she even got to the punchline. Here’s the set-up:

Why did the man have a hundred-dollar bill tattooed on his wing-wing? 931 more words


Green Living Vs Simplicity

Its amazing how quickly green living, or sustainable living, has gathered speed and become mainstream over the last 7 years.

Why 7 years- well thats my reference frame as its the time that hubby and I first started thinking about a green change, buying the hobby farm and being self sufficient in food. 456 more words

Lamentable is the Shakespearean Word of the Day (10/20/14)

Lamentable (adj.)

Lamentable means sorrowful, mournful, or sad. It was sited in Shakespeare’s King John (KL III.i.22 Why holds thine eye that lamentable rheum.)


William Shakespeare

Homework 10/20/14

Copy the definitions to this week’s vocab words in your Vocab Log.

Remember to number the definitions and underline the vocabulary word!

gawky, defy, reticent, patronized, omens, paramount, crusade… 9 more words


Words, words, words...

As Hamlet put it. I have always loved words and been curious about them, no matter what language they were in. And so, I cannot imagine ever being without a dictionary. 498 more words


Definition of the Day 10-20-14 -- Lesser of Two Evils

LESSER OF TWO EVILS, n. The perennial and inspiring reason to vote for the Democratic Party’s courageous, incorruptible candidates.

–This definition will appear in the expanded edition of… 7 more words