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The Fifth Dimension

Your beauty is the origin story of all legends

Great myths always start inside the heart

No one believes you are the beginning but me, … 93 more words


Random Thoughts re: Dictionaries

Dictionaries are always of interest because you learn so many things. For those who don’t regularly read dictionaries, you might be unaware of the fact that dictionaries can often be a source of amusement. 291 more words



priapic–adjective: relating to or emphasizing virility.

Melanie was embarrassed by the priapic statues openly displayed.


SAP Terms


SAP ECC stands for SAP enterprise central component , is the main component of SAP ERP. Its a enterprise resource planing software which support some key business process. 43 more words


Edge Proxy Server

Edge Proxy Server is a proxy server which is positioned at edge od internet and resolve the request of content by streaming the content from the local cache. 17 more words


An introduction to drugs.

Drug: any chemical substance (excluding food and water) that alters the structure and function of the body. This is quite a broad definition — shampoo, soap, and moisturizer all roughly fit this description. 1,750 more words