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"he sat morosely contemplating"

Have you ever written, or even come close to writing, a post that was “too long”? I have. I just spent the last couple hours doing it. 293 more words

Words from Brideshead Revisited

Evelyn Waugh is an excellent writer and Brideshead Revisited is about generally well-educated people. The book is predictably full of precise, beautiful words.

Disclaimer: One of the benefits of reading on a Kindle is that if you put your curser in front of a word, it automatically looks it up for you. 310 more words


Part 3 of the LOVE series comes out TODAY

Part 3 of the LOVE series comes out today so be on the lookout. It’s going to be an amazing one. It discusses the types of love and why understanding the types of love is so important to building a lasting long-term relationship; how we can use our understanding of the types of love to love someone else. 131 more words


Deflowered Diary

I remember the first time we made love,
I stored the moment in my mind space forever, I catalogued the feelings and labeled it “the most magical minute”. 69 more words


What kind of Hellenic polytheist are you?

Fun fact: the Ancient Greeks didn’t have a word for “religion”. In those days, religion, culture, philosophy, society and everyday life were so closely entwined that it was almost impossible to differentiate one from another. 1,368 more words


Just a little Food for Thought between Posts

“Love defines a couple’s relationship, which in turn, the relationship defines the love.”