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Deforestation Climate Risk Bigger Than Carbon


Peer-reviewed report says that clearing tropical rainforests distorts Earth’s wind and water systems and has impacts far beyond the implications for carbon dioxide. Farmers and food supply potentially at risk as global warming and skewed rainfall could wreak havoc with crops—from coffee to corn—in world’s breadbaskets…

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Nature Conservation

Autobiography of a Tree

23rd July, 2000 | 12:00 – 00:12

Cracked earth for acres -
no sign of myself.
I’ve lost my identity
in a jungle of concrete. 91 more words



I finished Beloved by Toni Morrison

today. It was not the easiest of reads. For many reasons. I think that I had problems with it because of the writing styles that are from my generation, the same principles being stamped into writers today. 401 more words


How much forest will be lost in Grandview Heights?

I’ve been counting colored pixels again. The city’s mapping people said they couldn’t tell me how much forest was in Grandview Heights, and how much would be lost to development, so I estimated it myself. 339 more words


In 10 years they'll have to start over

The city counts every tree that it plants, so there’s incentive to plant trees everywhere they can put a pot. It looks great on paper to say that… 334 more words

Unilever, Cargill push to green their palm oil chain

Soon after he became CEO of Cargill last year, David MacLennan began casting around for ways he might build on the company’s decade-long effort to combat deforestation from soy production in Brazil. 1,863 more words


Forest Ranger Discovers Sumatran Tiger Footprint at Restoration Site

Footprint of the critically endangered Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) was found by the Restorasi Ekosistem Riau (RER) forest ranger during a patrol in November. 152 more words