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BE NOT WEARY: Dealing with a Handicap

Probably the most pitiful, heart-wrenching sight I have ever witnessed was a little girl about three who suffered from some type of aging syndrome.  Her baby sister was a normal toddler going here and there.   732 more words


Lets Watch TV: Villains and Idiots

Its been a while since I’ve watched Cartoons. I’m a 20 year old, full time college student whose only hookup to popular TV shows are reruns on Netflix, so I apologized to those who are avid watchers of cable television if this seems dated and irrelevant. 1,448 more words

Deformities Or Super Powers

I just heard a voice say, “ten time the amount of views you think you’re getting.” I just see the little graph thing on the top bar when I log in and imagine a piece a shit world of people who don’t give a shit, a hell, really where only shit that does nothing to address the epidemic walking death and racial divisions here matters. 546 more words

Human Potential

Page 601, "he can feel his heart going out into the world through them"

Back to the E.T.A. boys and all of their idiosyncracies – what the heck is Arslanian up to? and Schact is such a sweet kid, with “somebody in pain isn’t entertainment” (567), and I’m so amused by Pemulis even though I don’t trust him at all (especially tickled by his playfulness with Arslanian – “Ars, no, you’re wearing a fucking blindfold too?” ). 588 more words

Infinite Jest