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I Dream Lies

I met him at a board meeting.  It was one of those long drawn out situations, where men did not loosen their ties and women sat up, their straight skirts fitting just so and their hair didn’t move. 2,839 more words

Words That Link Together

If Humans Didn't Have Knees: Part 1

Knees. An aspect of genetic mutation that completely skipped the human species, here, on Pseudonesia. We, the people of Pseudonesia, have finally started compiling a research paper on the knee-less evolution, including how humans feel about it. 601 more words


horned clown

I had a dream the other night…

I walked along my usual dirt road route. I concentrated on my iPod and tried to find a few uptempo songs to carry me through the next mile when a school bus zoomed right by me on the narrow dirt road. 376 more words


BE NOT WEARY: Dealing with a Handicap

Probably the most pitiful, heart-wrenching sight I have ever witnessed was a little girl about three who suffered from some type of aging syndrome.  Her baby sister was a normal toddler going here and there.   732 more words


Lets Watch TV: Disability Shaming

Its been a while since I’ve watched Cartoons. I’m a 20 year old, full time college student whose only hookup to popular TV shows are reruns on Netflix, so I apologized to those who are avid watchers of cable television if this seems dated and irrelevant. 1,448 more words