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115 Portrait after Degas (?)

Yet another portrait. This time after Degas (I think… But look in the corner – it spells out another name.. Maybe someone knows for sure?) 114 more words


Degas Dilemma

As part of art class, JB-6yrs. was asked about Edgar Degas’ Blue Dancers. Question: Do the ballerinas look as if they are moving while the picture was being painted? 27 more words


108 Portrait after Degas

I could have used the papersize better.
I really like Degas’ use of pastels – I do have a set lying around, but I find it really hard to be precise with them. 10 more words


Dior Impressions

Impressionism was an art movement in the nineteenth century. By painting en plain air, gave the artists the freedom to paint exactly from the scene, providing the idea that the world around them is rapidly changing, consequently contributing to the impasto painting technique. 591 more words



«I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by madness»

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“Ho visto cose bellissime, grazie alla diversa prospettiva suggerita dalla mia perenne insoddisfazione, e quel che mi consola ancora, è che non smetto di osservare.” 19 more words

Four good paintings

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Edgar Degas: A Cotton Office in New Orleans, 1873


Caravaggio: … 17 more words

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