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That be With The Age.

That be the age they say

the degeneration in a way

the physical deterioration

the mental disorientation

run simultaneously with a reference

almost  instantly without deference… 42 more words


New insight into age-related macular degeneration

Scientists at The University of Manchester have identified an important new factor behind one of the major causes of blindness, which they hope could lead to new treatments. 389 more words


Artificial retina could someday help restore vision

The loss of eyesight, often caused by retinal degeneration, is a life-altering health issue for many people, especially as they age. But a new development toward a prosthetic retina could help counter conditions that result from problems with this crucial part of the eye. 320 more words

Medical Devices/Diagnostics

248. Unrequited Political Ear Sex

I know. I know. It’s not what you’re thinking. Elections are next week and the awful, biased, insulting political ads are going full bore on television and radio. 1,065 more words

Non Sequitura

Degeneration of the Superintegrable System with Potentials Described by the Sixth Painlevé Transcendents

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Yoshikatsu Sasaki*


Department of Mathematics, Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan.


This article concerns the quantum superintegrable system obtained by Tremblay and Winternitz, which allows the separation of variables in polar coordinates and possesses three conserved quantities with the potential described by the sixth Painlevé equation. 245 more words

Chiropractic 101- Who needs it? Why do I need it?

Chiropractic care is for everyone. From babies to grandma’s and grandpa’s, chiropractic benefits everyone with a live nervous system.

The nervous system controls and coordinates every function in our body. 320 more words


Psalm 90 Wrath

Divine law is designed for the expression of pure spiritual potential. As with any law the rules are accessible, but it is our choice to cooperate with the law and minimize our own challenges. 359 more words