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Sometimes I wonder if I have ever made the right decisions. Did I go to the right school? Did I pick the right degree? Did I choose the right path at all? 505 more words


Paying attention to your schooling

There’s an abundance of seniors in my classes. There are only two classes that I have where there are no seniors or upperclassmen. Those classes are my AP English class and my Honors Math class. 760 more words


Worksheet 6 . Visual essay . Appropriation .


Richard Prince is well know for his work on the appropriation of 35 images and 28 paintings from carious book “ yes rasta “ on images taken of  rastafarians in Jamaica in 2008 at the Canal Zone exhibition . 751 more words


Pixel Poster Developments

A development of the previous poster design I posted using the b/w negative feature on the photocopier; I found it created a really nice grey scratched texture in the background.


Graduation 2014 AKA Crazy Dress Worries!

I’m not really one of those oh look pink and fluffy, let’s go shopping, shiny shoes kind-of girl. Not that there is anything wrong with being that type of girl. 269 more words


Shame by Salman Rushdie

“The country in this story is not Pakistan, or not quite…My story, my fictional country exist, like myself, at a slight angle to reality.”

May I start with a brief personal comment merely saying that in my humble opinion, not the most important one I’m sure, after reading Midnight’s Children, one of Rushdie’s earlier works, I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much, it all seemed a bit less… well… fantastical, a bit more lacklustre, or maybe I just missed the point.

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E M B A R K I N G - U P O N - A N - E N G L I S H - L I T - D E G R E E

So I’ve only been studying English Literature at degree level for a month and I’m not an expert in literature (and all the stuff that comes with it) just yet. 319 more words