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Egads it's been a busy week

So I promised photos of the food on Thursday. Yeah, didn’t happen, Thursday was crazy. Will add a post on Tuesday for that. And then Thursday, I’ll talk about what happens when your degu decides to jump off your shoulder while you’re stood up, and the interesting psychological effect that has on the human involved. 25 more words


The big 50:50 food experiment.

Finally, all of the ingredients for the degus’ new diet arrived last week.

It kinda took me a while to wrap my head around the 50% natural nutrition diet. 468 more words


What a traumatic day they've had.

One of the things that I noticed while letting the boys play is that their claws were wickedly sharp. Not long, per se, but sharp and scratchy (as evidenced by the state of my arms if someone slams a door in the building while they’re climbing on me). 293 more words


Sand jars seemed like a good idea at the time.

Degus bathe in chinchilla sand. It acts like a hairbrush, bringing out all the dead skin cells and dust and ick that they accumulate over the course of their daily lives. 283 more words


I love springtime!

Springtime means that everywhere starts stocking garden stuff, and usually inexpensively.

That is a coconut fibre hanging basket liner, cut in half and fastened to the side of the cage with twist ties. 19 more words


Late Morning, March 20th

Hi Dad,

It’s Thursday so I spent a chunk of my morning at the 101 class that I am a teaching assistant for. The students have a paper due on Monday about Abelard, a twelfth century religious scholar, so we spent most of the class talking about his world in medieval Paris and Laon, France. 617 more words