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Asking questions...searching for justice

A couple of months ago, I saw a photo of a man standing on the side of the road, with a cardboard sign.  On the sign, which was handwritten, were the words “Police shot my unarmed son.” And I felt sad.  1,104 more words

Nicci Attfield

Is Dehumanization The "New Normal?"

It was early October and I was sitting in a restaurant in downtown Tunis, catching up with a former classmate. Besides talking about the usual – how have you been, how’s your family, work, love life, future prospects, moving home soon? 1,970 more words

Trans Lives as a Corny TV Show

TRIGGER WARNING: We don’t live in a world with accurate media representation of trans people. If our invisibility and/or abysmal media representation triggers you, this piece may not be fab to read. 530 more words


The Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment
Runtime: 29 min

In the summer of 1971 at Stanford University professor Philip Zimbardo set an experiment in which the basement of the Department of Psychology was converted into prison and the group of 24 volunteers was randomly divided into guards and prisoners. 118 more words


the Lucifer Effect - Updated

What this says about what make us behave in ways counter to our expectations, or, how to turn good people evil.

the Stanford Prison Experiment… 3,362 more words