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conviction grenade

I actually wish people talked about politics on Facebook more often. It could be a great way to get answers from people who are harder to dehumanize than random strangers are, and a bunch of eyeballs on those answers could help us all practice better argument hygiene. 442 more words


Charlie Hebdo: Dating an African Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Racist

Of the various excuses that have been given for Charlie Hebdo’s racism, the one that really had me rolling my eyes was the suggestion that Charb, the editor, couldn’t have been racist because he was dating a woman of North African descent. 1,352 more words


How Deaf is she??

How deaf is she?
How much can he talk?
Is she, like, DEAF-deaf?
Oh, so she’s not like, you know, full deaf.
So she’s handicapped too? 1,072 more words


you have to be consistent with these kids

people always say autistic people think in black and white, but then they *teach* us in black and white. good girl, bad girl. good (normal) behavior, bad (abnormal) behavior. 198 more words


A Number of Things Not to Say to Someone with Chronic Pain

Happy Migraine Monday.

I spent the entirety of last week with a migraine. I powered through the work day, went home and ate whatever paltry dinner I could muster, and crashed. 1,462 more words