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The First Time You Are Dehumanized

This post includes crude language that is not intended to be used lightly nor in a joking manner. The crude language used in this post is meant to express feelings and educate people on the problem that is dehumanization, misogyny, and racism. 1,931 more words


Baltimore Sun 'literally otherizes' Palestinians in insulting subheadline

This photograph of The Baltimore Sun’s front page taken by Twitter user @hankamarillo identifies 13 dead soldiers as Israeli but uses the word “others” to identify Palestinians. 335 more words


Photographing the Excess


Diffusion Multi-Monde and Les Films de l’Isle present a photographic travelogue Les états inventés d’Amérique (Imagined States of America).


Canadian photographer Pierre Guimond travels across the country of America taking shots of the evidence and effects this country’s vast industrialization had on its capitalist society and consumer culture. 304 more words


Asexuality, Dehumanization, and Fighting Back

About a year before I figured out I was asexual, someone casually asked if I found a friend “hot”. I replied that, no, I didn’t, and in fact, I’ve never found anyone else “hot”.   350 more words


Non-binary love

TRIGGER WARNING: Invalidation of non-binary genders


So I was just reading a post in which a binary trans man was trashing non-binary people. And I responded to what I could even process, because a lot of what he was saying hurt a lot. 205 more words



Shirts, pants
Bras, panties
All ripped up
He smiles, tauntingly
Tosses shreds of clothes at her.
“Its punishment,” he says.
She sits there, face swollen, 20 more words


The Dangers of Work Shopping

Words: Chris Booth
Photographs: louisa feiter

Drama students are often encouraged to workshop pieces into oblivion, and Coming Soon, a show by the University of the Free State is no exception. 209 more words