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a letter from a young athiest: who isn't a nihilist, despite the hearsay

Dear B—-

I’m afraid due to scheduling problems this will have to be a shorter letter than you are used to. I promise to make the next one longer, and since I will be discussing Percy Shelley and a delightful little pamphlet that got him expelled from Oxford University, I promise you that I’ll have plenty to talk about. 1,415 more words

Whites Only? Investigations Reveal Hospital Transmitted Hepatitis Infections In US

The satirical site The Onion ran the headline ‘Experts: Ebola Vaccine At Least 50 White People Away‘ at the end of July. I’m not citing this article because I think it is funny, but because it raises a shocking point very succinctly, one that must have passed through the minds of many over the past few months. 865 more words


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Blind Faith: Dissecting Eggers on Technological Praise

In Dave Egger’s novel The Circle, the company of the Circle preaches to its customers and its employees of its complete human nature. Everything that goes on in the Circle has a origin from a human being’s hands, but as we learn throughout the novel, there are more cyborg manifestations that go on in their system than human ones. 473 more words

UNAIDS, Beckham and Sidibe: Right Words; Wrong Oriface

Every year, more than 1.5 million people are newly infected with HIV, the vast majority of them black Africans, with a lot more women than men being infected. 538 more words


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Dehumanization and violence of video games- regulating the consumption of children’s gaming activity

The idea that video games are influencing negative behaviour within children is an ongoing social anxiety. Video games that involve killing of random citizens, bombing buildings, women in degrading roles and anti-social behaviour can have parents questioning how is this affecting their children? 302 more words


Anything you say can be used against you

tw: “therapeutic” abuse of neurodivergent people

When you are mentally ill, when you are autistic, anything you say can and will be used against you. 330 more words


Guilt and Duty—the Soldier's Dirty Hands Problem

The Moral Soldier

The discussion of Walzer’s “Political Action: The Problem of Dirty Hands” brought up some interesting observations about military service and sparked some thoughts on the subject. 2,472 more words