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Henry A. Giroux: America's Addiction to Torture

 With the release of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s report on the CIA’s use of torture, it becomes clear that in the aftermath of the loathsome terrorist attacks of 9/11, the United States entered into a new and barbarous stage in its history, one in which acts of violence and moral depravity were not only embraced but celebrated.

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Deadbeat Dad Or Another Victim of a Cruel System?

John Doe grew up in a working class family. He was fairly ordinary. He received average grades in school, was well-liked though not very popular and basically blended into mainstream life without standing out in any way… 711 more words


Wearable Technology & Dehumanisation

Strolling aimlessly through the city at Christmas always provided certain contentment absent from the year’s otherwise banal months.

A sensory overload – dense smells, burnt orange glows, the plastic snow of shop windows though cliché provided an intrinsic connection with those you walked the streets with. 617 more words

Digital Humanities

Dehumanisation is a human universal – David Livingstone Smith – Aeon

A writer does not have to resort to mythical monsters or manufactured creations to create a vessel for evil.  Any human being, no matter how angelic in nature can be that vessel.  74 more words


Lesson Wed Dec 10

1) Finish Triumph of the Will parts 1/2

a)  Part 1 (youth rally)
b) Part 2 (final speech to political leaders) 15min
c) Complete “Triumph of the Will Worksheet” (see Monday Dec 8 for this link) 27 more words


Monday Dec 8

1) dehumanization worksheet due in

2)  The Psychology of Evil Trivia

3) Propaganda – powerpoint

4) Triumph of the Will – video – fill out worksheet as we watch… 46 more words