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Oligarchy=Taxation Without Representation

American history is not my field but any child in grade school can tell you all about the original Boston Tea Party and why it took place–taxation without representation. 585 more words

Mass Incarceration

The Sun rises and sets

Life is a sometimes a roller coaster. We make plans and sacrifice to reach the goals we have for our lives. We work jobs that frustrate all reason; dealing with people who on a clear day could not see beyond the darkness of their hearts. 335 more words

Hitler, Stalin, and Uncle Sam

A quick comparison of these three iconic, political figures will turn up some very disturbing similarities. While two of these figures are real people and the other is a representation of a nation, it is what these individual figures stand for and the policies they represent that matter. 537 more words


"I Kissed a Girl" ... and I didn't like it.

Not to offend those of you who love painting, but painting the house is boring. You slap on a layer, look at it, realize you need to slap on another layer… and then the whole process repeats itself ad nauseum. 2,490 more words


Korea is obsessed with development. It attaches the term “development” to almost all of its official endeavors. Corrupt political systems are not unfair, they are undeveloped. 888 more words


The Joke Is On Us

When I first read this article on Workopolis, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke, published early as an “in-before-others” prank. After reading this article again a few times and performing a Google search, I realized this was for real. 441 more words

Looking For Work!

The Dehumanizaztion Process of Mass Incarceration

To better introduce and explain the theory mentioned in the previous post I’ve provided below the link to the YouTube video of Michelle Alexander presenting her thoughts on mass incarceration. 261 more words