Inharmonic - Flesh Inferno (Review)

This is the second EP from Finnish Death Metallers Inharmonic.

Inharmonic play Death Metal with a classic 90’s feel via a very modern production. It’s a brutal and traditional style that recalls Deicide or Decapitated’s catchy simplicity. 126 more words


Deicide - End the Wrath of God

Genre: Death Metal

Location: Tampa, Florida

Themes: Satanism, Anti-Christian, Hatred

While I usually post some pagan/folk/black metal type stuff on this blog, sometimes it’s good to switch things up. 162 more words


Death Metal Monday, A to Z: JUDECCA

This week will be an odd one.  First, a test: name a band even questionably death metal that begins with J.  A few of you clever ones may have come up with JUNGLE ROT, whose material is not on my shelf and therefore may have occurred to me only after some intense and cleansing thought.  490 more words

Album Reviews

Silver Jubilee: The Best Albums Of 1990 #25 Cannibal Corpse

Twenty-five years ago I was eleven, about to turn twelve, and in my last year at primary school. I had an insatiable appetite for collecting insects, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurines and music. 629 more words


Quickies: 2015 will bring us Deicide (maybe!), Lamb of God (maybe!), and Ghost (definitely!)

Yes, the posts are easing off as we wind down the year. But we aren’t leaving you completely empty handed… Did you all enjoy Dan’s Non-metal albums of the year… 283 more words


Atlanta Falcons Fire Former Suffocation Drummer Mike Smith

The organization that many refer to as “The Cleveland Browns of The South” fired death metal drummer Mike Smith during a confusing morning press conference today at Flowery Branch. 468 more words

General Weirdness

Obtruncation: Abode of the Departed Souls

So for my first adventure into the B&G abyss we have the Holland based band Obtruncation with their offering ‘Abode of the Departed Souls’. Sounds like a cheery one then! 695 more words

Death Metal