Decide North American Tour rumored later this year

According to The PRP, Deicide are reportedly in the process of booking a North American tour that will feature Marduk, Septicflesh, and… 93 more words


Re-drafting The King Diamond post…

Mainly because there are too many private entries involving the ffffest at diabolicalbunnyholocaust’s floggery that I can’t keep up with . 312 more words

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Deus Otiosus - Rise (Review)

Deus Otiosus are from Denmark and play Death Metal.

The band open the album strongly with Rising War and the rest of the album follows in this vein; strong, muscular Death Metal with a hint of Thrash and even a slight Rock influence to some of the riffs and leads. 120 more words


Deny Resurrection, Behead The Nazarene Son

Deicide – Legion (1992)

Let me get this out of the way first – this is one of the most vicious pieces of music put together by any band, ever! 528 more words


Monsterworks - Album of Man (2013)

MonsterworksAlbum of Man (Mortal Music, 28 March 2013)

So I just realized in a few more days this year will be half over — and I also realized that I’m nowhere near halfway through writing reviews for… 839 more words


Deicide - Legion (1992)

It’s cliche to describe extreme metal as an assault, but Legion really is an extreme metal assault. I mean, this isn’t a contemplative experience that just so happens to have death growls… 422 more words


Aposento - Aposento (Review)

This is the début album of Spanish Death Metal band Aposento.

Take a look at the album art. If that doesn’t scream DEATH METAL at you at then I don’t know what does. 172 more words