974. Deicide - "To Hell With God" (RYM's 1000 Worst Metal Albums)

Deicide“To Hell With God” (2011)

(I am counting down the 1000 worst Metal albums according to the thousands of folks at RYM… This is NOT my list, but I find it interesting enough to share…This ongoing project will adjust as RYM’s charts update. 12 more words

Emblazoned - Eucharistiae Sacramentum (Review)

Emblazoned are from the US and this is their début album. They play Blackened Death Metal.

This is music with an evil feel created by minions of some Dark Lord or other who worship and defile their way through 8 tracks of daemonic Death Metal. 202 more words


Deicide - "Dead But Dreaming" (Death Metal Songs)

Band: Deicide
Song: “Dead But Dreaming”
Album: “Legion”

테러라이저 데스메탈 필청 앨범 40장 #08 Deicide - Deicide

악마한테 홀려 달라고 하는 벤턴(Glen Benton)은 지금에 와서 보면 우습다. 그러나 이 앨범에서는 진짜같이 보일 만하다. “Dead by Dawn“을 들어 보라. 어셰임(Steve Asheim)은 고맙게도 내내 전면에서 드럼을 치고, 호프만(Hoffman) 형제는 귀에 착 감기는 리프를 친다. 21 more words

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