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Meet Phobos and Deimos

Phobos and Deimos are my Great Dane puppy and kitty, respectively.

We refer to them as twin brothers, as in Greek mythology.

Basically the story… 673 more words

Arc The Lad - Twilight Of The Spirits: The Review

Developers: Cattle Call
Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment
Plot: The world is split into two divisions, the humans and the Deimos, monstrous entities not unlike demons. Human Kharg has no idea he has a half-brother Deimos, Darc, and the Deimos aren’t as evil as the world makes them out to be. 757 more words



Mars …

Swinging around out there in space.  Considered a hostile environment … Carbon Dioxide atmosphere, frozen water, less gravity, astonishingly beautiful! Smaller than the Earth … What mineral treasures will be found there ? 271 more words

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