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The return of manufacturing jobs to the US: challenges and responsibilities

In a recent article from NBC news, a report came out that suggested that manufacturing jobs are returning to the United States, mostly in the form of work in auto-plants and other machinery manufacturing plants. 512 more words


Labor Unions are Like Sunrises: What Did You Expect to Happen?

Here is a second post inspired by watching Pride on Sunday.

It mystifies me when I hear people, especially working-class people, complain about unions.  Living in an industrial society and hating labor unions is like living on Earth and hating the sunrise. 302 more words


The Crisis of Labour: Class Politics in Scotland After the Independence Referendum

As we saw in the Scottish Independence Referendum on September 19, deindustrialization still affects political loyalties in Scotland. Social class influenced the way many people voted, and this has major implications for the future politics of Scotland and the UK. 1,256 more words