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Regular readers will know that I write a lot about deities. However, deities are not central to my craft and I know witches who do not follow any deities. 52 more words

Quercus Robur


I meditated the other day and talked to Brigit. We made a bargain, which was that I would follow her if she gave me a child and if it is a girl her middle name would be Brigit.

Quercus Robur

Following a Deity

When you accept a deity to follow you must be prepared for what will happen. If, like me, you follow The Morrigan you have to be prepared to fight in your life. 49 more words

Quercus Robur

The Southwark Mysteries

This is a very interesting book about the spirit of Southwark called The Goose who has dictated various rhymes and prose to John Constable.

The Goose is the spirit of a prostitute; this spirit was disturbed when The Crossbones Cemetery in Southwark, London was also disturbed during the extension of the Jubilee line of the London Underground in 1996 and seems to be trying to become a goddess. 71 more words

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Another Blog Project: Devotional Polytheist Meme

This is a meme by Galina Krasskova. I’m hoping it will help me consider how I’m building my polytheist practice, and what it involves, in a structured way. 421 more words


October: Chaos

I get the call at 5pm. Merlin needs to be put to sleep, tonight. I look at my watch and know I will not get there in time. 571 more words