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Deity of the Day for Sept. 30 is Selene

Deity of the Day


The Moon Goddess


Areas of Influence: Selene was moon Goddess of the ancient Greeks and influenced the lunar cycles. She was traditionally worshiped on the full and new moon. 385 more words

Daily Posts

bless, o my gods

bless, o my gods–
lady of stars and earth,
lord of animals and dance–

bless this day.
(bless this night.)

A little devotional prayer. Not very complicated, (vaguely uncreative), something to open my devotionals with, easy to adapt.

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Actual Practice

Philosophy of Religion

I wrote this short essay for my philosophy class. It shows the many different views of others along with my own opinions.

Doorway to Creation… 896 more words

My Life

All this Is-is nonsense

Modern Egyptians are not ancient Egyptians. I consistently come across people who if you don’t specify the difference will claim the culture/history & modern representations/paraphernalia of as their own from the iconography to the eyeliner. 3,022 more words

Time And Culture

Some things.

Classes have started again. So far my two math classes seem like they’ll be good, but I’m waiting for new stuff to gauge just how difficult they’ll really be. 807 more words

Path And Practice

Otherworld politics, revisited

So awhile back I made a post entitled Otherworld politics, in which I discussed the fact that amazingly enough, realms full of entities are not necessarily going to get on with other realms full of entities, and entities from the same realm may not necessarily get along either.   1,318 more words


Answers, Questions, Thoughts...

More specifically, answers to questions I never knew I had.

I’ve read two really great posts today and I’m going to share some thoughts about them. 1,631 more words

Path And Practice