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Deity of the Day for September 16th is Goddess Pomona

Deity of the Day

Goddess Pomona

Areas of Influence: Pomona was one of the Numina, the Roman guardian spirits who watched over people, homes and special places. 386 more words

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Picture Sneak Peek: Gabriel and His Unicorn

Sometime in October or November there will be a week of picture posts.  What kind you ask?  Those done by Kayla Matt who has done several of the characters from Legends of Windemere.  14 more words



I don’t often make offerings of food or drink. It’s inconvenient for me because I live with my family and I don’t discuss my religion with them–so I don’t want questions about why I’m leaving out little plates of food and glasses of juice. 532 more words

Path And Practice

A Peek into Santeria

My life as an artist started when I was a kid reading and illustrating the stories I liked best: fairy tales and myths from around the world, and supernatural fiction. 1,096 more words

Deity of the Day for Sept. 13 is Gaia, The Greek Goddess of the Earth

Deity of the Day


The Greek Goddess of the Earth

Areas of Influence: The Greek Goddess of the Earth was called Gaia or Gaeo. In the Greek creation myth she was formed out of chaos to become the Earth. 493 more words

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Song Update: "Gatekeepers"

The topic of this post is very relevant not only to the last post, but to the song I posted during Tawny’s cycle entitled… 608 more words