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Nice Girls Don't Get Raped

I once met an artist in a train in Bombay. He did not call himself an artist, he thought what he does is not really art. 1,149 more words

Reflections And Rumination

Do Not Sass Shu or Set

Yay, alliteration!

I wanted to share this story.

For me, Shu and Set bring in nasty weather. Set, in particular, is a snowy deity here in the Colorado area. 204 more words


And Now I Will Punch Myself in the Face

AKA: Shine is a Doofus, But She’s Lernin’z

I have an occasional diversion in which I like to indulge (read: I’m supposed to be programming a web app but I don’t wanna and I also don’t want to get sucked into the blackhole of Reddit). 1,712 more words


Herne the Hunter

Herne the Hunter is not a Celtic deity. He originated as a 15th century person who was hanged on the Windsor estate. In those days he would have considered himself English, but people persist in seeing him as Celtic. 34 more words

Quercus Robur

Packing is a chore I hate doing. Saying Goodbye is worse.

Today, I started packing for my move across the country.  I’m not taking very much; a couple of pieces of luggage with my clothing and that’s it.   287 more words


I have a folder of old magazine and newspaper clippings which I’d filed away years ago because of their interesting and/or oddball subject matter. One such clipping (undated, but in a batch of others from the early 1990s) is titled… 261 more words


Working with the dead

Your cold flesh slides along my fingers easily, ice crystals still clinging to your belly, milky eyes gazing up towards the bare lightbulbs above me, clawed feet curled against your tail. 473 more words