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The Horse and the Water-Horse

Horses may be the most important animal in Irish mythology, rivaled only by cows. They had major socio-economic importance in ancient and medieval Ireland – people’s livelihood depended on good, strong horses, and the relationship between a human and their horse was mythologised as something of a magical union. 475 more words


Look at what you made!

Here are the communal prayers for each day of the week.

Dionysos – on Sunday
Dionysos, god of all things wild and free,
I call out to you this day. 2,060 more words

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These are phenomenal. I have no other words for this beauty.


For me, a good word origin is like discovering an Easter egg, hidden in plain sight yet holding a sweet surprise inside. What surprise might the word  527 more words

The Liminality of Festivals

For the past two years or so I’ve been blogging for Witches and Pagans. As some of you may or may not know, my life is currently in a state of upheaval.  1,195 more words


Does God matter?

I concern myself, as a philosophy student, with the question of “Does god/God exist?”. In reality, looking at it, you also have to ask “Does it matter?”… I mean, of course being philosophy, we look to answer every question, even if on the surface it can seem trivial… 210 more words


The Truth of the Matter

I’ve been a bit depressed for the past week.  I am moving across country to start a new life, yet, I am depressed.  I’ve done this type of move two other times in my life, but never have I been saddened by the occasions.   797 more words


Health -Spiritual Differences

This segment will be hard for me. Talking about spiritual health will always upset some people. It is near impossible to really say who is right or wrong with any religion or faith, or the absence of religion and faith. 276 more words