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Excerpt from Visions of Vanaheim: Vanic Deity Correspondences

The following is a list of correspondences for specific deities counted as Vanir by modern Vanic pagans; the items on this list have been corroborated amongst a few who work with the Vanir.  1,572 more words


Destashing for creative jump start

Hi everyone!  Today I feel the need to talk about the crafters best friend: destash. When I first started making jewelry, I saved everything, thinking it’d be more frugal, and also that sifting through the mound of beads and pendants would inspire me. 475 more words


LED Day - 88

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Day of June 27th 2014

  • Modern culture in India has led to a re-imagining of the traditional deities (Gods and Goddesses).
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Project LED

Coming to the Crossroads - Part I

In this series of posts, I will share salient aspects of the story of how I came to find the Goddess Hekate and ultimately pledge myself to Her service. 1,163 more words


Deity of the Day for July 23 is Frigg, The Norse Goddess

Deity of the Day


The Norse Goddess

Areas of Influence: Frigg was the Norse Goddess of marriage, childbirth, motherhood, wisdom, household management and weaving and spinning. 538 more words

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A dialogue with the dawn

By Christopher Cudworth

Those of us who run and ride tend to be early risers. Some get out the door before the sun even rises. In winter we may not even see the sun during our workouts. 549 more words

We Run And Ride Every Day

Astounding Neolithic Site — Göbekli Tepe

Ferrell Jenkins has an extended blog on the untimely death of the excavator of Göblekli Tepe, Klaus Schmidt, at the age of 61.

For those interested, I have posted 17 images of… 289 more words