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What does druidry mean to me?

So I’ve been what you could call something resembling a druid for a few years now (even though defining myself by a label is still something I’m not entirely sure about). 669 more words


Farun Stories: Sallith's Failure (Part Five)

This storyline is the convergence of Juxxa and Bastard Brother. It runs alongside Little Miss Mirek. Homak begins his journey home with the revived holy messenger: Reginald.  548 more words


Music and learning and stuffs

It’s been a month since my last post. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with life and everything, and that’s not conductive to writing. I’m going to try to cobble something together anyway. 193 more words


Gods of the Ancient Greeks

Gods of the Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks honored a wide variety of gods, and many are still worshiped today by Hellenic Pagans. For the Greeks, much like many other ancient cultures, the deities were a part of daily life, not merely something to be chatted with in times of need. 1,199 more words

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Deities of Ancient Egypt

Deities of Ancient Egypt

The gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt were a complex group of beings and ideas. As the culture evolved, so did many of the deities and what they represented. 579 more words

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Gods of the Celts (Just A Few)

Gods of the Celts

Wondering about some of the major deities of the ancient Celtic world? Although the Celts consisted of societies all over the British Isles and parts of Europe, some of their gods and goddesses have become a part of modern Pagan practice. 504 more words

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Offerings to the Gods - What's an Acceptable Gift?

Offerings to the Gods

What’s an Acceptable Gift?

In many Pagan and Wiccan traditions, it’s not uncommon to make some sort of offering or sacrifice to the gods. 347 more words

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