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Biblical Nuggets: Coins of the Gospel- A Silver Shekel

Rome operated a mint in Tyre that produced silver shekels of high purity (94 percent silver or more). These and half-shekels were the only coins accepted by the temple in Jerusalem. 57 more words


The Reliability of the New Testament

Have you ever heard people say that the Bible is unreliable? Have you heard them say that the books of the Bible were legendary developments, or that Jesus didn’t really claim to be the Son of God and that was written into the gospels later, or that the Bible has been mistranslated over the centuries, perhaps to the point of being virtually unrecognizable from the originals or to the point of important doctrines being changed or ruined? 2,401 more words

Counter-Cult Information

Did Jesus really Claim to be God?

It is a question of profound historical significance.  Did Jesus really claim to be God in the Scriptures or are Christians just making it all up?   946 more words


Salvation & 1st Timothy 2:4

Salvation & 1st Timothy 2:4

“God hates everyone.” That’s right. Psalm 5:5 says that “God hates all who sin.” Romans 3:23 says that “all have sinned.”  Therefore, since all have sinned and God hates sinners, God hates everyone.   3,245 more words

General Theology

Do You Know Who Your God Is?? Bible Ballistics: Vol. 4 #22

Bible Ballistics: Do You Know Who Your God Is? Vol. 4 #22

How can we serve God, unless we know who He is? Well, obviously the answer is: ‘We can’t’!! 1,640 more words