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The Sacred and Me

Years ago, I came across a beautiful prayer in a Pagan book (I believe by Francesca de Grandis, but I’ve sadly not been able to find it since). 844 more words


A Philosophical Question From a Busker

Below is a photograph of a piece of paper with one of the most interesting philosophical question ever given to me. I was walking around Cardiff city centre when a very friendly busker gave me this. 98 more words


Finding a deity

One of the best things about being pagan is having a large variety of deities to choose from. This can really cloud one’s thoughts when looking for the perfect patron. 286 more words


Ghost Temple Issues Warrants Mangalore Aircrash Kaanathur

That there is a temple for Ghosts in Kaanathur, near Kasargod, Kerala is a fact.

But that it ¬†holds spirits and gave out information ¬†that it was Pilot’s error that caused Mangalore Air crash, well. 381 more words




Who is Aiyanar? He is a deity worshipped all over in India. He is also known as a Tamil village god worshipped mainly in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. 70 more words

Is God At War With Himself?

Seems like a ridiculous question, but you only have to watch the news or read the history books to know that the armies of history have fought battles while each had their version of God burning in their minds and hearts. 233 more words


Hymn to the Morrigan #2

Terrible Grandmother,

Black and Red Woman,

Let me drink your rage

Until it transforms me.

Let your fires cleanse me from my bowels to my skin… 12 more words