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The three persons of the Triune God are distinct, but not divided

Of the distinction of Persons. They are distinct, but not divided. This proved.

17. On the other hand, the Scriptures demonstrate that there is some distinction between the Father and the Word, the Word and the Spirit; but the magnitude of the mystery reminds us of the great reverence and soberness which ought to he employed in discussing it. 402 more words


Implications of God’s Existence

Neal Pollard

“God is.” God is real. God is alive. God is watching. God is in control. All these ideas and an infinite number besides are implicit in the fact of God’s existence. 348 more words


belonging - view from the hill

sitting here, i realise that my religion is like the view that stretches itself out over the undulating land around me. varicoloured fields stitched together by the fluffy, woollen treelines. 293 more words

"Naming The Goddess"

I recently read a book entitled, “Naming the Goddess” by Trevor Greenfield of Moon Books. It is a collection of essays written by various worshipers of the Goddess, followed by a description of more than 70 Goddesses from around the world. 251 more words

Thursday's News & Reviews

Hey Celestine, Do You Have a Magical Name?

Today, I’m going to answer another question from a reader.

Reader ddmoonsong asked—among other things that I will be writing about in other posts—”Also, do you have a spiritual name, i.e a name you use only in relation to rituals/prayer? 1,576 more words


There Are No Shortcuts

The temptation to shortcut is especially strong unless we see the value of and submit to the necessity of the time element; in simple trust resting in His hands,  60 more words


"Our God Contracted to a Span"

I’ve been very busy, so the blog has been quiet recently.  I guess that means I owe my readers some blog posts :), so instead of one hymn today, I’ll give you two. 827 more words

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