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Pronounced: koo l-ah

In Mesopotamian mythology, Kulla is the god of bricks and construction, the divine builder. He was responsible for the restoration of temples as well. 901 more words


The Divinity of the Spirit proved

The Divinity of the Spirit proved.
I. He is the Creator and Preserver of the world.
II. He sent the Prophets.
III. He quickeneth all things. 532 more words


November 25, 2014 - Receiving Blessings and Gifts - In A Very Different Pastor's Study

In this time when so many of us make a point of giving thanks, it might be an idea to share some thoughts concerning a major part of giving thanks, that being the act of receiving something for which we are giving thanks. 67 more words

The Lord's Identity Confirmed (John 5:30-47)

After performing the miracle of the healing of the lame man, Jesus made the unmistakable claim that He is equal with the Father (5:17-23). He followed up that claim up by revealing the authoritative voice He has in raising up the dead (5:24-29). 1,672 more words


Following a Deity

When you accept a deity to follow you must be prepared for what will happen. If, like me, you follow The Morrigan you have to be prepared to fight in your life. 49 more words

Quercus Robur

Clothing Your Intent

picture credit:  FOI Priesthood, Pagan Federation members, Wiccan Priesthood form a circle of blessing

Within the Ceremonial Magick Traditions every piece of clothing and jewelry has its own intent, meaning and order in which it is put on prior to ritual. 1,098 more words

Year And A Day Course

The Lord's Offensive Claim (John 5:17-23)

When it comes to the identity of Jesus there has been much debate and controversy throughout history. At the time of His ministry there were many views and suggestions concerning who He was (cf. 1,500 more words