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Gbadu's Song

Aanteekwa heard a voice like
wind chimes and drums colliding
above their heads. It sang:
Hear me, O children of Earth!
My eyes are closed no more:
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Attacking the Faith: Did Jesus Say that He is God?

Bart Ehrman is the latest biblical scholar to attack the divinity of Jesus and the33 authenticity of Christianity. Just in time for Easter, Ehrman promoted his new book… 552 more words

Does God matter?

I concern myself, as a philosophy student, with the question of “Does god/God exist?”. In reality, looking at it, you also have to ask “Does it matter?”… I mean, of course being philosophy, we look to answer every question, even if on the surface it can seem trivial… 210 more words


Blood Brothers, chapter XIII

XIII. Changing Course

When they breakfasted at dawn it was even colder, and still drizzling. They could hear water rushing all around them. The ground was muddy and full of freezing cold puddles. 4,465 more words


Finding Your Deity

I’ve seen a lot of people asking how to find their deity, how do they know who their deity is, etc. And, quite frankly, I’m baffled: I just don’t understand the question. 318 more words


Offerings are seen in many different cultures, and can be any number of things – bread, lighting a candle in a Deities honor, dancing or even a drawing. 828 more words



An invocation is a petition to something or someone for assistance. As a practitioner of Magick, we often invoke Deities for specific reasons – Hestia for hearth and home matters or Lord Ganesha for removing/overcoming obstacles, for example. 335 more words