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Other names: “Lord of the Black Magic,” “God of the Danger that Lurks in the Gloom”

Etymology – “of the night” or “He of the night” 353 more words


Accidental Curses and the Power of Prayer

In my last post I admitted to not being Christian. It was at a point where I was doing very well spiritually. I’ve been keeping a journal and writing to my gods. 960 more words


Light and Shade on Christmas Day

Christmas is coming. Whenever driving at this time of the year, I hear a variety of Christmas songs on the radio. I never hear the song without remembering a scene of a TV show which was broadcast about ten years ago. 511 more words


New Moon to Hekate

A while ago, shortly after starting my Black Rose studies, I began to feel a new presence in my life. It took a while for me to realize it was Hekate and then it took even longer for me to accept that it really was Her. 386 more words


The voice of God

I wanted to be a polytheist. It’s not an easy confession to make, because despite my best efforts at various times in my life, I have never had any coherent experience of deity. 645 more words


Dear God*,

I’ve always thought that you were either

a. non-existent, or

b. a creature that just didn’t care about us. You created us and then you left us to our own devices. 126 more words