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Déjà Vu – Young Designers

Meet Clara, Judy and Sasha who have each signed up for a young designers course.  It was so strange when they first met at the apartment they would be sharing, because firstly they all had similar coloured hair & secondly they were all wearing fashions by the same designer.  616 more words

Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu - Young Designers

Clara, Judy and Sasha have each signed up for a young designers course and will be sharing an apartment whilst studying at the City University. 32 more words

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When I First Knew It

It was my natural enemy: the whiteboard with the “Did You Know?” fact of the day written on it. Ever since I was a kid I prided myself on knowing stuff, and after I found out that shows like… 728 more words


Déjà Vu Judy's Audition

Judy tentatively reached for her necklace, and groaned as the pain in her head reacted to the movement.  Despite the pain she smiled as she recalled last night, and what a night it had been.  552 more words

Déjà Vu

déjà vu

i am not an elephant
(elephants are wise and
elephants never forget)

but they do appear in my dreams
as i look from the heavens… 86 more words


Throwback Thursday {Déjà vu}

When the life I now have seemed SO far into the future I could barely imagine it.

So long ago that reading this statement makes me a little sad that it’s all passed by so quickly. 80 more words

Why are you making music?

Every Tuesday morning I head to uni and one of my favourite classes. I like to refer to this class as ‘Music biz 101,’ but it is much more than that. 201 more words