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Déjà Vu - Penelope's Secret

Penelope has revealed the secret that she has been keeping from cousin Bobbie….. you can read about it on the  Déjà Vu site:  http://mydollfamilydejavu.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/penelopes-secret/

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Penelope's Secret

Penelope was lounging in the den trying to read the morning newspaper before getting dressed, but she couldn’t concentrate on anything because she had a secret. 730 more words

Déjà Vu


Autumn’s song
Beckoned me
Setting me
On bended knee
Humbled by land
Scorched and red
Raking fingers
Through earth
Bone dry
Alongside a brook
Babbling bright… 121 more words

Facing foundation

it has to happen.
plastic will crumble.
last point after the line.
perennials in question,
short-term amendments limit.
repeated plateaus allude progress.
deja vu found dreaming reality. 14 more words


Keep an Open Mind: Be Guided by Your Intuition

Life turns on a dime. With the death of my son, Alex, my life was forever changed. So often in the case of such a devastating loss you shut down. 682 more words


A Striking Sense of Deja Vu

A club record signing. A English striker in his mid-twenties. A player of precocious power, with more than enough ability to lead the line. A few England caps and some impressive moments at international level. 885 more words


Deja Vu - Seeing The Future

Deja vu, is a term that was first coined by the French psychic researcher, Emile Boirac. Deja vu means ‘already seen’ – and is also called ‘paramnesia’. 103 more words

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