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The other Seshadri leaves too ... RIP Mama

I wrote yesterday that I was missing Appa a little more … But maybe it was some sort of premonition that today his namesake, Krishnan’s Mama was planning to pass on. 476 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

#IfICouldTimeTravel: What would YOU do? - The 4 Things We Love About Time-Loop Movies

If you could live one moment in your past again, what would it be? Share your idea using the hastag #IfICouldTimeTravel and tag us @MovieMasticator… 395 more words


What do you see?

How do you know that the sky is blue?

Most people would say that they have seen it with their own eyes.

Look at this famous introduction to psychology picture: what do you see? 298 more words



It so happens that whenever I get bored with my home or not feeling too well, I shift base to my in-laws’. Last week Wednesday, was one of those moments. 423 more words

Stonehenge, "The Ruin" and a Distinct Sensation of Deja-Vu

Earlier today, I was mesmerised to read this feature on the BBC news site dealing with Stonehenge and the distinct possibility that the monument may have been described in a mediaeval poem entitled “The Ruin”. 239 more words


#22 "Fragile Things" by Neil Gaiman - Part Three

  1. Goose – Dawn O’Porter
  2. Murder in Mississippi – John Safran
  3. Elianne – Judy Nunn
  4. Divergent – Veronica Roth
  5. Insurgent – Veronica Roth
  6. Allegiant – Veronica Roth…
  7. 1,468 more words
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