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Terrifying time loop: The man trapped in constant deja vu

This is an interesting article. A group of scientists from the UK, France and Canada studied deja vu and come up with one possible explanation. Here is an excerpt from the article about three other, lesser known, and thought to be related phenomena. 94 more words


Top 5ive Films Starring Jesus (aka Jim Caviezel): Matt

5. The Passion of the Christ: Feel like I need to include this one even though I saw it exactly once. There are some images from this film that will forever be engrained in my brain and that is due, in part, to Caviezel’s fantastic portrayal of the Son of God, even if the film upon further reflection was not so great. 206 more words

Matthew Linder

Deja Vu represented as a #dance #image on #wordymonday

I produced this image in response to the news about a 23 year old British student who has been forced to drop out of university because of chronic déjà vu. 283 more words

Carole Edrich Dance Photography

Déjà Vu World

The olfactory sensation of freshly ground coffee beans
Wafting into her nasal cavities from the chic Parisian café
The visual explosion of colour in the square before her… 91 more words


A Grooved Bluestone and the Sensation of "Presque Vu"

Over the years, there have been several occasions when I’ve been prompted to compose and publish posts dealing with the eerie sensation of deja vu… 609 more words


Dreams and Deja Vu

I’m sure almost everyone of us has gone, “Deja Vu!” I have gone through many of such occasions where I feel like I’ve seen my dreams in what I ‘currently’ am experiencing. 155 more words

Deja Vu