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Dejected and alone ..

There is nothing as heartbreaking as feeling like you don’t belong. Like whenever you turn to you are just another burden. Realizing that you are the one to always reach out to people and you are lucky if those people actually respond let alone reciprocate.  215 more words

Release me o misery

And you’ve gone, left me at thr mercy of my demons again. Vulnerable, to be repossessed.All I can do is be glad for you and grow morose for myself. 35 more words


I don’t know if it’s a bipolar thing, if it’s just a me thing, an overtired thing, or if it’s an allergic reaction to beer. 116 more words

I feel...

1. Empty*

2. Dejected*

3. Bored*

4. Unhappy*

5. Lonely*

6. Desperate*

7. Hurt*

8. Pensive*

9. Apprehensive*

10. Annoyed*




*Things will get better.


On the way to the fridge,
I found cracker crumbs in my hair from when I ate in bed last night.

I’ve hit rock bottom.