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I feel...

1. Empty*

2. Dejected*

3. Bored*

4. Unhappy*

5. Lonely*

6. Desperate*

7. Hurt*

8. Pensive*

9. Apprehensive*

10. Annoyed*




*Things will get better.


On the way to the fridge,
I found cracker crumbs in my hair from when I ate in bed last night.

I’ve hit rock bottom.



she stooped lower than the ground would allow
hoping to find paper dolls lost before yesterday
when marionettes and puppet clowns strolled
on the boardwalk… 124 more words



Bound by the shackles of time

Devoid of hope and a will to survive.

I wander aimlessly, on the lands unknown

Haunted by men, stripped down to the bones. 17 more words


Stay Strong

I have two small dogs. One of them I got from a breeder when he was just 6 weeks old.  The other one I got from a shelter when she was 3 or 4 years old.  809 more words

Loving Yourself