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Dejected Art

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Object of My Dejection.”

Art has never been my expertise. I’ve seen others free hand anything they see and I admire how great the end result turns out. 358 more words


The Sulking Slave

My skin and flesh,

My brain, heart and home.

0′ meager, insufficient friend,

Where are you going

With your head hung so low?

What displaces your joy with trouble? 156 more words


When Will My Time Come?

I feel so dejected and disappointed and just completely defeated and confused right now. I spent two days carefully pouring my heart and soul into an email to our CEO who I’ve met a few times and felt like I could an that he would care. 865 more words


Don't Get It

I simply don’t get it. Everyone I fucking know has somebody. I have nobody, and it’s getting worse every single day. Ignored ignored passed over passed… 83 more words


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It's finally happened............

Well folks, I suppose I’ve had a good run. I’ve had a good innings, a fairly good munch of the free Chinese buffet without keeling over with MSG poisoning and a more than adequate go at draining life’s top shelf spirits whilst its barman was talkinto the attractive blonde with the monolithic cleavage. 509 more words