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Rejected! Rejected! Yeah You Just Got Rejected!

R-E, J-E, C-T-E-D rejected. Bleh.

Rejection is rubbish, and knowing that there’s a better alternative to you somewhere out there is more than a bit disheartening. 637 more words

Making Yourself Stronger

Sometimes obstacles or events are put into our way that either beat us or allow us to grow, allow us to stand tall enough to walk right on over them. 483 more words

My Thoughts


life is good, till shit comes. happens all the time, i’ve learnt to accept it.

still can’t apprehend some things,some people, friendship, work, but it’s ok, the journey onto discovering more about things and people is part of life, and the thing is we gotta deal with life, the good and the shits. 82 more words

Happy New Year

I wrote this on New Year’s Eve. I was very happy that day.

Happy New Year, the Facebook feed screams. I’m sitting in my room, music playing on the desktop computer because that’s hooked to the good speakers. 1,054 more words