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Wandering Thoughts III

The Raging River of Sorrow

Since I’m in a fuck the world mood at the moment, I figure I’d go with it.

It sure beats the pain the depression brings that’s brought on by das loneliness.

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What Do we Do with the Dejected?

What is love to the cinnamon swirl sunset?
What is love to the jaded bitter harlot?
Fair be it to those whose love pulses strong. 199 more words


Never take any decision when your emotional level is way too high.

Be it anger , dejected or overwhelmed feeling…

And if you ever do it…. 8 more words


Dejected and alone ..

There is nothing as heartbreaking as feeling like you don’t belong. Like whenever you turn to you are just another burden. Realizing that you are the one to always reach out to people and you are lucky if those people actually respond let alone reciprocate.  215 more words