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Cargo Ship Stuck In Delaware River Since April Returns To Sea

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A cargo ship detained in the Delaware River since April is finally returning to sea.

A tug pulled the Nicolina away from her dock at the Navy Yard just after 3:30 p.m. 194 more words


After Opening up a Pennsylvania Creek for Fish, Watching Recovery Follow

This is a guest post by Laura Craig, Ph.D., Associate Director of River Restoration, American Rivers.

Early settlement along Pennsylvania’s Darby Creek relied upon dams to turn the water wheels of mills, powering economic growth. 604 more words


When the Dynamics of an Oil Spill Shut Down a Nuclear Power Plant

“I’ve never reopened a nuclear power plant,” thought NOAA’s Ed Levine. Despite that, Levine knew it was his job to get the right information to the people who ultimately would make that decision. 1,042 more words


Stormwater Trash Along the Delaware River Bank

We have a serious plastic stormwater trash problem that is hurting our local creeks, Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers as well as the Atlantic Ocean… 168 more words


News: Husband In the Middle of A Divorce Sends Wife's Car into Delaware River

Hell hath no fury on a scorned.

A man who clearly is going through a very messy divorce has sent his wife’s Corvette into the Delaware River triggering a search for a possible victim inside. 231 more words


Man Accused Of Driving Corvette Into Delaware River Taken Into Custody

By Justin Finch

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Mayfair man who admits to driving his estranged wife’s red Corvette into the Delaware River surrendered Wednesday, two days after the sports car was towed ashore. 384 more words


Warrant Issued For Man Who Allegedly Sent Estranged Wife's Corvette Plunging Into River

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) — A warrant has been issued for the man accused of plunging his estranged wife’s Corvette into the Delaware River Monday evening.

Fifty-year-old John Kramer will be charged with contempt, violation of protection from an abuse order, harassment and recklessly endangering another person. 345 more words